Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Bubba Watson and The General Lee 01

Bubba Watson who just won the Masters this past weekend is also the owner of this incredible
piece of American cultural history.

Click here to watch a great video of the story behind the resurrection of the General Lee 01.
Here's another article about Bubba's General Lee - click here.

The numbers are very simple behind this story.

Lee (355) is ONE (1) from Leo (356) which is the astrological sign for the Divine Birthmonth of August whose ruling planet is the Sun and which corresponds to the Human Heart.

So the name of the car "General Lee 01" evokes this Lee (355) + 01 = Leo (356) correspondence.

The story in the first video link above states that the original General Lee 01 made it's last famous jump over the police car on 11/11/78 - which was Day ONE (1) of the 61st year since Veterans Day in 1918. Bubba Watson was just 6 days old on 11/11/78 on this 60th anniversity of Veterans Day.

61 is the prime of Christ (389912) = 61 p rime x 6392

Bubba won the 76th Masters with his incredible ONE (01) shot out of the pine trees 12202 days after the General Lee 01 made it's famous jump which was also the last time the car actually was able to drive before it was put to pasture - click here for the story and video behind Bubba's incredible shot.

12202 = 6101 prime x 2

6101 can be viewed as: 1) the number "6" conjoined with the prime of "101"; or 2) "61" which is the prime of Christ (389912) next to the digits "01" which mirror "General Lee 01".

If we move ahead 6101 prime days from 20120408, the day Bubba won the 76th Masters, we will arrive at December 21, 2028 which will be the Leo (356th) day of the year.

The end of the 2070th cycle of Leo (356) fell on 3/23/12 which was EXACTLY 16 days prior to April 8, 2012 - Easter Sunday - the day Bubba won the Masters.

On the same day that Bubba won the Masters, Bo Van Pelt and Adam Scott both made a hole-in-one at the Par 3 16th hole - click here and here for the videos.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Bubba Watson Wins the 76th Masters

Yesterday was the Jesus (15131th) day from/including 11/05/70 - eight years before Bubba was born.

"In the end one man's life changed forever."

Bubba made his incredible shot from a spot deep in the woods on a dirt path lined on both sides by spectators. If you move forward Jesus (15131) prime days from yesterday you will arrive at September 11, 2053, the 52nd anniversary of 9/11.

Yesterday was 3862 days from 9/11/01. 3862 factors into 1931 prime X 2. The EXACT midpoint of this stretch of time - 1931 prime days from 9/11 - brings us to 12/25/06, Christmas Day. Yesterday was Easter Sunday, the day that Christians all over the world celebrate the resurrection of our Lord God the Saviour Jesus Christ.

This video begins with the voiceover "A scorecard as it's frequently said doesn't have any pictures. Golf is a game of numbers. But the Masters isn't just about math."

On the day my father passed away he played 9 holes and shot a 31. He never played golf seriously until he turned 55. Like Bubba, he was largely self-taught and loved the game for the next 16 years until he left this world at the young age of 71. His one "Hole In One" trophy sits proudly on the wall of his office to this day. My father always rooted for the underdog, guys like Bubba who weren't afraid of being different and letting their emotions hang out. God Bless all the Bubba's of our world.

Bubba (23221) days prior to Easter Sunday 2012 (April 8, 2012) brings us back to 19480910 which was the day my mother, a junior college transfer student flew to Chicago to go to Northwestern University where she met my father, a WWII veteran the GI Bill - in his last year of college (3 years) on a blind date. My mother was from Billings Montana. My father, an only child, grew up in Pelham Manor NY. The bottom line: I would be here if it wasn't for Bubba (23221).

And just for good measure, if we move ahead Bubba (23221) days from April 8, 2012 we will arrive at November 5, 2075 which will be Bubba's 97th birthday.

Bubba (23211) = 2111 prime X 11. 2111 "Bubba Prime" days prior to 20120408 brings us back to 20060628, my parent's 55th wedding anniversary. This and the above is the numerical equivalent to Bubba's 52 degree wedge shot out of the pine forest - click here to watch the video and for the story behind this incredible shot.

On the same day that Bubba won the Masters, Bo Van Pelt and Adam Scott both made a hole-in-one at the Par 3 16th hole - click here and here for the videos behind these shots.

20120408 was 5696 days from 19960903, the day my father passed/ascended.

5696 = Leo (356) x 16

The 16th hole at Augusta, known as "Redbud" is where the most holes in one have occurred in years past. Click here for an accounting of the two most recent holes in one on 20090407 and 20120402 both hit during practice rounds at Augusta hit by by Vijay Singh and Martin Kaymer respectively.

And just for good measure, Bubba (23221) days from 20120408 will bring us to November 5, 2075 which will be Bubba Watson's 97th birthday. May he live a very healthy and long life! God Bless this great young man!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Mega Million Lottery and The Red Bud Illinois Connection

I spent $5 for 5 Mega Million Lottery tickets at our local Seven Eleven store. I placed the ticket below the painting of our Blessed Virgin Mary in our home and referred to it as "MEGA MARY".
A television crew sets up at the MotoMart in Red Bud, Illinois on Saturday, March 31, 2012. The Red Bud location sold one of the three record-breaking winning Mega Millions lottery tickets worth more than $213 million. The ticket holder has not yet gone public. (Christian Gooden/St. Louis Post-Dispatch/MCT)

One of the three record-breaking winning Mega Millions lottery
tickets worth more $213 million was sold at a Moto Mart station
in Red Bud, Illinois. The address and phone number of the station
is as follows:

900 South Main Street
Red Bud, IL 62278

618 + 282 + 3035 = 3935 = 787 prime X 5

787 corresponds to "I Am God" as follows:

I (9) Am (14) God (764) = 787 prime

20120330 was/is 3925 days from 20010621 which is the day that I
first met Dean Fagerstrom, the gentleman who taught me this Divine
Science of Numerical Correspondences over a 2 1/2 year period
beginning on March 29th of 2001.

June 21, 2001 was the day that Dean gave me his 1400+ page, The
Book of Anglion which outlines the framework and mathematical
equations that are behind this science.

Friday March 30, 2012 - the day of the Mega Million drawing - was
the 900th day from/including October 13, 2009 which was
the 92nd anniversary of the Miracle of The Sun in 1917 which
concluded 6 months of miraculous events of Fatima.

The time stamp of this post was/is 7:41 am which is 23 "I (9) Am (14)"
from God (764).

Here's the link to the Chicago Tribune article.

Here's a great video about Cynthia Stafford's story of how she visualized
winning $112 million in the Mega Million Lottery on Mother's Day 2007
which was May 13th, the 90th anniversary of the beginning of

Here's another link to Cynthia's story.

The URL for 20070513 was 735144.

735144 = 30631 prime x 24

The beginning of the 23rd cycle of 30631 prime days brings us back to
August 20, 1832 which was/is Leo (356) days from August 11th, the
Divine Birthdate of our Lord.

112 corresponds to "I Am Leo" as follows:

23 "I (9) Am (14)" + 89 "Prime of Leo (356)" = 112

The end of the 6563rd cycle of 112 days prior to 20070513 fell on
February 14th, Valentines Day 2007 which was Leo (356) days from
February 5, 2008, my 50th birthday.

The 2/14 (214) mo/day adds up from 23 "I (9) Am (14)" + 191
which is the prime of God (764) = 191 prime x 4.

Here's another article about Cynthia Stafford and the power of
positive visualization - click here.