Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Chicago Bears Beat The Vikings & Achieve Redemption

Cutler keeps his cool in Chicago's chill

Coming off two consecutive poor games, the Bears quarterback shook off his only interception to throw the game-winning touchdown pass in overtime.

Last update: December 29, 2009 - 6:11 AM

They got it after Cutler threw the game-winning touchdown pass in overtime in the Bears' 36-30 victory over the Vikings. Click here for more.

Here's the numbers:

36-30 (3630) = 11 prime X 330

330 corresponds to 3/30, the 89th day of non-leap years. And there are 11 players on each side of the ball in football.

3630 days prior to 20091229 brings us to Day Twenty (20) of the New Millenium. Ten (10) + Ten (10) = 20. Now hold that thought.

1) Ten (10) cycles of 3630 days prior to 20091228 brings us all the way back to 19100810 which is the eve of the Divine Birthdate in the year 1910 which factors into 191 prime X 10 which is the prime of God (764) = 191 prime X 4.

2) Ten (10) + Ten (10) = 20 cycles of 3630 days prior to 20091228 brings us back to 18110322 which is the 3/22 (322) mo/day which adds up to 131 "Prime of ONE (655)" + 191 "Prime of God (764)" = 322 = 23 "I (9) Am (14)" X 14. 23 and 14 when conjoined as 2314 is Leo (356) from 1958 which was the advent of the 23rd cycle of 89 "Prime of Leo (356)".

We can go one step further and bring in the third - "triune" - cycle of Ten (10) as follows:

36-30 (3630) = 11 prime X 330

3630 = Two teams of 11 players (11 X 11) multiplied together X Ten (10) + Ten (10) + Ten (10) = 30

And, to review and rephrase:

1) 20091229 - Ten (10) X 3630 days = 19100810 - which is the eve of the Divine Birthdate our Lord in the year 1910 which factors into 191 prime X 10 which is the prime of God (764) = 191 prime X 10

2) 19100810 -
Ten (10) X 3630 days = 18110322 - which brings us to the center-point of the numerical correspondence that confirms Heart-Soul of our Lord's Divine Birth in the year 1811 - which is prime - and on the 3/22 (322) mo/day which add up to 131 "Prime of ONE (655)" + 191 "Prime of God (764)". 1811 prime corresponds to our Lord's spiritual birthdate, 010811 - Year 1, Month 8, Day 11 - which converts into the spiritual numerical designator of 281 which comes from Day 11 = 1+1 = 2, Month 8, Year 1 = 281 prime and the 281st prime number is 1811 - including ONE (1).

3) 18110322 -
Ten (10) X 3630 days = 17111101 which is "All Saints Day" - think of the New Orleans Saints!

According to Wikipedia:

La Nouvelle-Orléans (New Orleans) was founded May 7, 1718, by the French Mississippi Company, under the direction of Jean-Baptiste Le Moyne de Bienville, on land inhabited by the Chitimacha.

17111101 was/is 2379 days from 17180507. 2379 is Ten (10) from 2389 which is the Leo (356th) prime number. 2379 factors into 61 prime X 39 which is the prime of Christ (389912) = 61 prime X 6392 which brings us full circle to "X", the Greek letter Chi (389):

The Greek letter "X" - which corresponds to the Roman numeral "X" which equals Ten (10) - stand for "Christos" which is where the english "Christ" originated from. Again, 2379 + 10 = 2389 which is the Leo (356th) prime number.

And if we take the year 1811 - above - it corresponds to the spiritual birth of our Lord in Year 1, Month 8, Day 11 (010811). 1811 is the 281st prime number and 281 is the 61st prime number - 61 being the prime of Christ (389912) = 61 prime X 6392. 281 is the spiritual numerical designator for 010811 for Day 11 = 1+1 = 2, Month 8, Year 1 convert into 281 prime, etc.

The New Orleans Saints became the #1 seed in the NFC playoff picture as a result of Chicago's win over the Vikings. So we had the energy of the very northern area of the Mississippi River - Minneapolis-St. Paul Minnesota - home of the Vikings - connecting through Chicago and the waters of Lake Michigan which flow down the Illinois River that connects with the Mississippi River just north of St. Louis before flowing all the way south to where it exits into the Gulf of Mexico just south of New Orleans.

Keep in mind, the Saints were founded in 1967 as an expansion team.

Here's how we connect the numberical dots...

1967 = 281 prime X 7. 1811 is the 281st prime number. The 61st prime number is 281. And 61 is the prime of Christ (389912) = 61 prime X 6392.
New Orleans Saints helmet

Remember also that, according to Wikipedia, "New Orleans is one of five NFL teams that have yet to play in a Super Bowl. The club reached the NFC Championship Game in 2006, which they lost to the Chicago Bears 39–14."

This game was played on Sunday January 21, 2007, the eve of my late father's 82nd birthday.

39-14 corresponds to 3914. Nine (9) - which is ONE (1) from Ten (10) cycles of 3914 days prior to 20070121 brings us to 19100812 which was/is ONE (1) day from 19100811, the Divine Birthday of our Lord God Jesus Christ in the year 1910 which factors into 191 "Prime of God (764)" X 10. Remember that Ten (10) cycles of the number for the Bears victory over Minnesota, 39-30 (3930), brought us back to 19100810, which was the eve of the Divine Birthday - just two (2) female prime days from 19100812.

Also, 3917 = 1957 X 2 which corresponds to the year 1957 which was the year prior to 1958, the year I was born, which was the advent of the 23rd "I (9) Am (14)" cycle of 89 "Prime of Leo (356)" years which will end in the year 2047. 1957 corresponds to SING (1957).

The Chicago Bears last game of the 2009 season will be in Detroit against the Lions on January 3rd. Don't underestimate the power and energy of the Detroit Lions. Think of the Token's famous rendition of "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" at this link.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Indianapolis Colts' Perfect Season Ends With A Simple Message: "God Is One"

Peyton Manning was on the bench for most of the second half as Curtis Painter, right, quarterbacked the Colts when the Jets overtook them on Sunday.

By Brent Smith, Reuters
Peyton Manning was on the bench
for most of the second half as Curtis Painter, right,
quarterbacked the Colts when the Jets overtook them on Sunday.

Colts quarterback Curtis Painter committed a big turnover on Sunday, but never should have been in the game.

Colts quarterback Curtis Painter committed a big turnover on Sunday, but never should have been in the game. (MICHAEL CONROY The Associated Press)

Indianapolis Colts fans right to jeer QB switch to Curtis Painter

When the probable league MVP, quarterback Peyton Manning, was lifted from Sunday's game with 5:36 left in the third quarter and the Colts up 15-10 over the grateful New York Jets, the capacity crowd booed its lungs out.

Howard Bryant of ESPN.com wrote:

Make no mistake, the Colts robbed their fans of a special moment -- an undefeated season -- that few have ever had the opportunity to witness. And the game had AFC playoff implications (the Baltimore Ravens and Denver Broncos could not be happy with Caldwell's decision, either).

The Colts are not alone -- teams in all sports outthink themselves in attempting to manage injuries -- but that's not enough of a reason to take something very special away from fans, players and the game, leaving behind only a hollow afternoon.

There was something very powerful going on with numerical-spiritual energy of this game. Let's get into the numbers to find out more:

1) The score was 15-10 when they pulled Manning which corresponds to 1510 which corresponds to God (764) Is (91) One (655) = 1510 = 151 prime X 10.

2) Manning was pulled with 5:36 min/sec left in the 3rd quarter which corresponds to 536 and ONE (1) cycle of 536 days prior to the date of yesterday's game, 20091227, brings us to 20080709 which was the 191st day of the year - 191 is the prime of God (764) = 191 prime X 4.

3) The final score was 29-15 (2915) and 2915 days from yesterday, 20091227, brings us to 20171220 which was 131 "Prime of ONE (655)" days from August 11th, the Divine Birthdate of our Lord God Jesus Christ.

4) The Colts season record is now 14-1 which is one (1) from 142 - there are 142 days between August 11th, the Divine Birthdate, and the end of each year (12/31). If the Colts win their next game their record for this year will be 15-1 (151) which is the prime of "God (764) Is (91) One (655)" = 1510 = 151 prime X 10 as seen above.

Manning was 14-21 for 192 yards when he was pulled - click here to confirm.

191 is ONE (1) from 191 which is the prime of God (764) = 191 prime X 4.

And 1421 (14-21) days prior to 20091227 brings us back to 20060205, my 48th birthday which is Day ONE (1) of my 49th year and 49 = 7 X 7.

And 1421 = 7 X 7 X 29

We since we are keying in on the energy of 7X7 (49) let's go back 49 days as follows:

20091227 - 49 days = 11/08, the Divine Conception Day, which is always 89 "Prime of Leo (356)" days from August 11th, the Divine Birthdate.

20091227 + 49 days = 2/14 (214), Valentines Day, which in non-leap years is always two (2) cycles of 89 "Prime of Leo (356)" days from August 11th, the Divine Birthdate. Think "two hearts together as one" when you think of two (2) cycles of 89 "Prime of Leo" since the astrological sign of Leo corresponds to the Human Heart, etc. Also, 214 adds up to I (9) Am (14) 191 "Prime of God" = 214.

The Indianapolis Colts were enjoying an NFL record 23 "I (9) Am (13)" consecutive wins before this loss.

Yesterday's win by the NY Jets brought back memories of Super Bowl III in Miami when the Jets beat the Baltimore Colts 16-7 on January 12, 1969 as follows:

Super Bowl III
Super Bowl III logo

Date January 12, 1969

Super Bowl III was the third AFL-NFL Championship Game in professional American football, but the first to officially bear the name "Super Bowl". (Although the two previous AFL-NFL Championship Games came to be known, retroactively, as "Super Bowls".) This game is regarded as one of the greatest upsets in sports history. The heavy underdog American Football League (AFL) champion New York Jets (11-3) defeated the National Football League (NFL) champion Baltimore Colts (13-1) by a score of 16–7.[1] It was the first Super Bowl victory for the AFL.

20091227 - 19690112 = 14959

14959 = 2137 prime X 7

Eight (8) cycles of 2137 prime days prior to 20091227 brings us back to 19630308 which was/is Jesus (15131) prime days from 20040810 which was/is ONE (1) day from the Divine Birthdate of our Lord. 1963 factors into 151 "God Is One" prime X 13 - see above.

The New York Jets' record back in 1969 was 11-3 (113) which corresponds to I (9) Am (14) One (655) = 678 = 113 prime X 6

The Baltimore Colts' record back in 1969 was 13-1 (131) which is the "Prime of ONE (655)".

Note: At the very beginning of this post was the picture of Manning (18) & Painter (7) which, when combined forms the number 187 or 718 if you reverse the order. First, I was born on 19580205 which was 187 days from August 11th, our Lord's birthday. Second, 718 mirrors 7/18 which is always 23 "I (9) Am (14)" + ONE (1) = 24 days from August 11th.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

August 11th & The Foundation For The Statue of Liberty


The website, "This Day In History", documented the following:

On August 11, 1885 -
$100,000 raised in US for pedestal for Statue of Liberty

Statue Of Liberty National Monument

On another website the details of this story were revealed as follows:

"On August 11, 1885, the front page of the World proclaimed, "ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS!" The goal had been reached, and slightly exceeded, thanks to more than 120,000 contributions."

Statue of Liberty's Pedestal is 89 Feet Tall

The architect for Liberty's pedestal, Richard Morris Hunt, was a highly respected and popular designer of expensive homes. He designed an 89-foot-high pedestal that would sit upon a concrete foundation that would appear to grow up from within the 11-pointed, star-shaped walls of the existing Fort Wood. His fee for the project was $1,000, which he returned to the fund to reassemble the statue.

General Charles P. Stone was the chief engineer in charge of the entire construction project, including the foundation, the pedestal and the reassembly of the statue. Liberty's foundation alone required 24,000 tons of concrete, the largest single mass ever poured at that time. It measures 52 feet, 10 inches in height. At the bottom, it is 91 feet, and at the top, it is 65 feet. The pedestal rises 89 feet above the foundation.


The literal financial foundation for building of the Statue of Liberty was established on the 1891st birthday of our Lord God Jesus Christ. 1891 = 31 prime X 61 prime.

31 is the prime of The (285) Lord (3694) God (764) = 4743 = 31 prime X 153; and 61 is the prime of Christ (389912) = 61 prime X 6392.

So the title "The Lord God Christ" is numerically etched in the year 1885 which was 1891 years from 6 BC, the year our Lord was born. 1891 is 89 - the height of the foundation - bordered by two ones (1__1) which mirror 11 which mirror the 11-pointed, star-shaped walled structure of Fort Hood that the pedestal stands upon - see above.

Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi in 1880
Wikipedia wrote:

Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi
(August 2, 1834, Colmar, Haut-Rhin – October 4, 1904) was a French sculptor who is remembered mainly for designing the Statue of Liberty.

And another website wrote:

"The sculptor who designed the Statue of Liberty, Frédéric-Auguste Bartholdi, was born into a well-to-do family in Colmar, France on August 2, 1834."

18340802 is Leo (356) days from August 11, 1834, the Divine Birth of our Lord God Jesus Christ. In perfect correspondence with this "Leonic" energy, prior to designing the Statue of Liberty, one of Frederic-Auguste Bartholdi's famous works was the Lion of Belfort:

The Lion of Belfort

"[The Lion of Belfort] was finished in 1880 and is entirely made of red sandstone. The blocks it is made from were individually sculpted then moved under Belfort castle to be assembled. The colossal work is 22 meters long and 11 meters high and dominates the local landscape.

The lion symbolizes the heroic French resistance during the Siege of Belfort, a 103 days long Prussian assault (from December 1870 to February 1871). The city was protected from 40,000 Prussians by merely 17,000 men (only 3,500 were from the military) led by Colonel Denfert-Rochereau.

Instead of facing Prussia to the east as was intended, it was turned the other way because of German protests."

Click here for more details on this work.


click here to enlarge image

Click here to read view the PDF file of this article which was published on 12/12/1894 - 89 "Prime of Leo (356)" days from 9/14 (914) mo/day which factors into 457 prime X 2 which is the 89th prime number.

Let's get back to nuts and bolts of the Statue of Liberty:


click image to enlarge

There are 354 steps inside the statue and its pedestal, with 25 windows in the crown which comprise the jewels beneath the seven rays of the diadem. The keystone which the statue holds in her left hand reads, in Roman numerals, "July 4, 1776" the day of the adoption of the Declaration of Independence.

Note: 354 is two (2) - the ONLY female prime number - from Leo (356).

The Statue of Liberty was engineered to withstand heavy winds. Winds of 50 miles per hour (80 km/h) cause the Statue to sway 3 inches (76 mm) and the torch to sway 5 inches (130 mm). This allows the Statue to move rather than break in high wind load conditions.

Feature[49] Customary Metric
Height from base to torch 151 ft 1 in 46 m
Foundation of pedestal (ground) to tip of torch 305 ft 1 in 93 m
Heel to top of head 111 ft 1 in 34 m
Length of hand 16 ft 5 in 5 m
Index finger 8 ft 1 in 2.44 m
Circumference at second joint 3 ft 6 in 1.07 m
Head from chin to cranium 17 ft 3 in 5.26 m
Head thickness from ear to ear 10 ft 0 in 3.05 m
Distance across the eye 2 ft 6 in 0.76 m
Length of nose 4 ft 6 in 1.48 m
Right arm length 42 ft 0 in 12.8 m
Right arm greatest thickness 12 ft 0 in 3.66 m
Thickness of waist 35 ft 0 in 10.67 m
Width of mouth 3 ft 0 in 0.91 m
Tablet, length 23 ft 7 in 7.19 m
Tablet, width 13 ft 7 in 4.14 m
Tablet, thickness 2 ft 0 in 0.61 m
Height of granite pedestal 89 ft 0 in 27.13 m
Height of foundation 65 ft 0 in 19.81 m
Weight of copper used in Statue[50] 60,000 pounds 27.22 metric tonnes
Weight of steel used in Statue 250,000 pounds 113.4 metric tonnes
Total weight used in Statue 450,000 pounds 204.1 metric tonnes
Thickness of copper sheeting 3/32 of an inch 2.4 mm

The following information provided by the US Park Service
at their excellent site: http://www.cr.nps.gov/phad/stlilcs.html
IDLCS: 40500
Name: Fort Wood Walls
Also Known as: Star Fort
Built: 1808 - 1811
Altered: 1844
Altered: 1886
Altered: 1930 - 1965

The Statue of Liberty was built within the walls of Fort Hood which was completed in 1811 - see above from this link.

1811 is the 281st prime number.

281 is the numerical designator for our Lord's spiritual - ie. "corrected" - date of birth: 010811. Day 11 = 1+1 = 2, Month 8 and Year 1 combine to form 281 prime. 1811 prime mirrors 010811.

The year 1811 not only factors into the completion of Fort Hood, but it was the year that the intellectual creator of the Statue of Liberty, Édouard René Lefèbvre de Laboulaye, was born. 1811 is also 23 "I (9) Am (14)" years from 1834 the year that Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi, the designer of the Statue of Liberty, was born.

Édouard Laboulaye (photo).jpg

According to Wikipedia:

Édouard René Lefèbvre de Laboulaye (January 18, 1811 in Paris - May 25, 1883[1] in Paris) was a French jurist, poet, and author.

Nevertheless, he is most remembered as the intellectual creator of the Statue of Liberty in New York Harbor, and the lesser known twins in Paris, France and the Luxembourg Garden.

Always a careful observer of the politics of the United States, and an admirer of its constitution, he wrote a three-volume work on the political history of the United States, and published it in Paris during the height of the politically repressed Second Empire. During the Civil War, he was a zealous advocate of the Union cause, publishing histories of the cultural connections of the two nations, while the United States was in the throes of its Civil War (1862 and 1863). At the war's conclusion, in 1865 he had the idea of presenting a statue representing liberty as a gift to the United States, a symbol for ideas suppressed by Napoleon III. The sculptor Frederic-Auguste Bartholdi, one of Laboulaye's friends, turned the idea into reality.


Édouard René Lefèbvre de Laboulaye's numerical age (NA) at the time of his passing/ascension was 26425 days as follows:

18830525 b. - 18110118 d. = 26425 = 151 prime X 175

151 is the prime of "God (764) Is (91) One (655)" = 1510 = 151 prime X 10

And 151 is the height from base to torch (Bartholdi's design): 151' 1" (46.50m).

Finally, let's examine the date the cornerstone was set into place as follows:

Date the cornerstone was laid on Bedloe's Island:
5 August 1884
Source of Granite for the Pedestal: Leete's Island, Connecticut

Official accepting Statue on behalf of US:
President Grover Cleveland
Date of Acceptance by President: October 28, 1886

Part of Acceptance Statement by President Cleveland:

"We will not forget that liberty here made her home;
nor shall her chosen altar be neglected".

18861028 was the 815th day from/including the laying of the cornerstone on 18840805. The end of the 23rd "I (9) Am (14)" cycles of 815 days from/including 18840805 brings us to 19351201 which was/is EXACTLY "23 (9) Am (14)" + 89 "Prime of Leo (356)" days from August 11th in the year 1935 which was/is 23 "I Am" years from 1958 which was the advent year for the 23rd cycle of 89 "Prime of Leo (356)" year cycle that will end in the year 2047.

Note again that the Leo (356th) prime number is 2389 which is composed of 23 "I Am" plus 89 "Prime of Leo".


The Leo (356th) Prime 2389 = "I Am Leo!"

"Bob" Heft, Designer of the 50-star United States flag passes 12/12/09

Robert G. Heft, designer of the 50-star US Flag


Wikipedia wrote:

Robert G. "Bob" Heft (1942 - December 12, 2009), born in Saginaw, Michigan, was a designer of the 50-star flag, and one of the proposed designs for a 51-star flag for the United States of America. He spent his childhood in Lancaster, Ohio, where he created the flag as a school project.


He designed the current U.S. flag in 1958 while living with his grandparents. He was 17 years old at the time and did the flag design as a class project. He unstitched the blue field from a family 48-star flag, sewed in a new field, and used iron-on white fabric to add 100 hand-cut stars, 50 on each side of the blue canton.[1]

He originally received a B- for the project. After discussing the grade with his high school teacher, Stanley Pratt, it was agreed that if the flag was accepted by Congress, the grade would be reconsidered. Heft's flag design was chosen and adopted by presidential proclamation after Alaska and before Hawaii was admitted into the union in 1959. According to Heft, his teacher did keep to their agreement and changed his grade to an A for the project.


On a separate website I found evidence of the exact date that Bob designed the 50-star flag as follows:

When did you design a flag with 51 stars?

I designed the 50 star flag on April 18, 1958, two years before it became official (July 4th, 1960 at 12:01 p.m. EST). It even preceded the 49 star flag by nearly 1 ½ years. It was out of sequence. Two weeks after making the 50 star flag, I thought that I would go even further and made the 51 star flag....just in case. I'm still waiting for that to happen (Ha-Ha)

Now let's dig into the numbers as follows:

The Universal Numerical Date (UND) for 19580418 was/is 717222 which factors into 10867 prime X 66.

66 is 23 "I (9) Am (14)" from 89 which is the prime of Leo (356) = 89 prime X 4. So let's continue to dig....

1958 was the year I was born. But, more important, 1958 was the advent of the 23rd "I Am" cycle of 89 "Prime of Leo (356)" year cycle that will end in the year 2047 = 23 X 89. Note that 23X89 mirrors 2389 which is the Leo (356th) prime number.

19580418 was the completion of the 73rd day from the day I was born - 73 = 23 "I (9) Am (14)" plus 50 as in "50 stars" on the flag. And if we move backward two (2) X 50 = 100 days prior to 19580418 we will arrive at the 23rd "I Am" birthday of "The King" - Elvis Presley.

19580418 was/is actually the 108th day of the year which corresponds to the 1/08 mo/day which was "The King's" - Elvis Presley's - 23rd "I Am" birthday. And 108 days from 19580418 brings us to 19580804 which was/is two (2) female prime X 89 "Prime of Leo (356)" days from 19580207 which was the 26th birthday of Dean Fagerstrom, author of "The Book of Anglion" from which this Divine Science of Numerical Correspondences comes from.

Let's get back to 10867 which is the prime of 717222 which is the UND for 19580418 and which factors into 10867 prime X 66...

One obvious leading question is: what's the date for the end of the 89th "Prime of Leo (356)" cycle of 10867 prime days?

And here's the answer:

10867 prime X 89 days = 967163 UND which is August 11th, the Divine Birthdate of our Lord God Jesus Christ in the year 2642.

Robert Heft passed/ascended yesterday, 20091212, which was exactly 18866 days from 19580418, the day he was called to design the 50-state flag. 18866 factors into 9433 prime X 2.
9433 prime days from 19580418 brings us to 19840214 which was/is Valentines Day - which in non-leap years is always two (2) X 89 "Prime of Leo (356)" days from August 11th, the Divine Birthdate. 19840214 was Aaron Russo's - a great modern American patriot - 41st birthday.

The 2/14 (214) mo/day adds up to 23 "I (9) Am (14) + 191 which is the prime of God (764) = 191 prime X 4, etc.

26420811 is 250,013 days from the day I was born, 19580205.

33270214, Valentines Day, is 250,013 days from the Divine Birthdate, 26420811

Two (2) cycles of 89 "Prime of Leo (356)" days from 33270214 brings us to August 11th, the Divine Birthdate of our Lord God Jesus Christ.

Our Lord picked a very powerful day for Bob Heft to pass/ascend as the 12/12 mo/day is ALWAYS 89 "Prime of Leo (356)" days from the 9/14 (914) mo/day which factors into 457 X 2 which is the 89th prime number. In addition the UND for 20091212 was/is 736088 which factors into 911 prime X 808 which evokes the massive energies that threatened - and continue to threaten - this great American Constitutional Republic.

Read more here.

PS. Just saw this piece of information shared in today's article from the Columbus Ohio Dispatch as follows:

Robert G. Heft: 1942-2009 - Creator of 50-star flag was teen in Lancaster
Sunday, December 13, 2009 3:33 AM

"Heft, who was 16 at the time, crafted a new flag from an old 48-star flag and $2.87 worth of blue cloth and white iron-on material."

$2.87 (287) + 1 cent = $2.88 (288) and 288 days prior to 19580418, the day Robert Heft designed the 50-state flag, brings us to July 4th, 1957 which was the 181st anniversary of our Declaration of Independence. 181 is a prime number that corresponds to We (55) Are (195) One (655) = 905 = 181 prime X 5 which mirrors perfectly the power of ONE (1) extra cent to get us to $2.88 (288) days, etc.

Note: the time that this article was posted was 3:33 (333) am which is 23 "I (9) Am (14)" from Leo (356).

Finally: OHIO (6896) is composed of 89, the prime of Leo (356), in between two sixes "6__6" - 66 being 23 "I Am" from 89 which is the prime of Leo (356), etc.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Poppa Leo's Pizza

click image to enlarge

Contact Poppa Leo's Pizza
Phone:(517) 351-1811
Web: View Website

Poppa Leo's Pizza is closed - as the phone number(s) are not in service. But the energy behind the numbers lives on to glorify the Divine Birth of our Lord God Jesus Christ as follows:

1811, the last four digits, corresponds to Year 1, Month 8, Day 11 which is our Lord's spiritual - ie. corrected - birthyear. The correct way of displaying this date is 010811. This date converts into the numerical designator of 281 prime as Day 11 = 1+1 = 2, Month 8 and Year 1 when combined for 281 prime. And the 281st prime number happens to be 1811, etc.

Now let's add up the number 517 + 351 + 1811 = 2679

If we move back 2679 days prior to today, 20091211, we will arrive at 20020811, the Divine Birthdate of our Lord God Jesus Christ.

Now let's move onto the address as follows:

Poppa Leo's Pizza
5214 S Martin Luther King J
Lansing, MI 48911

23 "I (9) Am (14)" cycles of 5214 days prior to today, 20091211, brings us to 16810810 which means that Day ONE (1) of this period is August 11th, the Divine Birthdate of our Lord.

Click here for more.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Season # 8 Biggest Loser Final

The exact time here in the midwest when Danny won the 8th Season's 1st prize was 8:59 pm. 859 days prior to 20091208 brings us back to 20070802 which was/is Leo (356) days from August 11, 2009 the Divine Birthdate of our Lord God Jesus Christ.

The "Key" To Fatima

I believe there's going to be a spiritual revelation that is backed by simple-numerical roots which reveal and glorify our Father, the One Lord God the Savior Jesus Christ.

I've always been curious about this:

Islam (91314) = 89 prime X 1026

Taken another way, Islam (91314) = 513 X 178 (89 prime X 2). And 178 is composed of two (2) - the only female prime number - cycles of 89 which is the prime of Leo (356) = 89 prime X 4 which is the astrological sign for the Divine Birthmonth of August whose ruling planet is the Sun and which corresponds to the Human Heart.

I was awakened this morning at 5:13 am and was called to note the following:

20091208 + 513 days = 20110505 which is 89 "Prime of Leo (356)" days from 2/5, my 53rd birthday.

20091208 - 513 days = 20080713 which is the 7/13 (713) mo/day which factors into 23 "I (9) Am (14)" + 31 "The Lord God" (The (285) Lord (3694) God (764) = 31 prime X 153).

513 is a non-prime prime which is ONE (1) from 514 which corresponds to the english word for "Key" as follows:

514 = 257 prime X 2 and 257 = KEY

5/14 (514) factors into Key (257) prime X 2 and May 14th is always 89 "Prime of Islam" days from August 11th, the Divine Birthdate of our Lord.

Also, the "Key (257th) Day" in non-leap years is always the 9/14 (914) mo/day which factors into 457 prime X 2 which is the 89th prime number.

Fatima began one day from 5/14 - on May 13th - the 5/13 (513) mo/day - in the year 1917. Sister Lucia, the last of the 3 remaining children of Fatima passed/ascended on 2/13 in the year 2005, exactly 89 "Prime of Islam" days from 5/13 which was Day ONE (1) of the 89th year from/including May 13, 1917, the beginning of Fatima.

In addition to being the 89th year since Fatima, the year 2005 was highly revelatory for another reason as it factors into 401 prime X 5 which is the prime of the word Rosary (961197) = 401 prime X 2397. Also, 2005 was decreed to be "The Year of the Eucharist" by the late Pope John Paul II - who, too, passed/ascended that year - and the Divine Birthdate that year, August 11th, fell on a Thursday which is the day that the "Five Luminous Mysteries" - also referrred to as "the Mysteries of Light" - are to be prayed since being added to the Rosary prayer by Pope John Paul II during the 2002-2003 "Year of the Rosary", etc.

The year 1917 is "Key" for it was 1923 years from 6 BC which was the year of the Divine Birthdate of our Lord God Jesus Christ on August 11th and 1923 factors into 641 prime X 3 which is the prime of the word Rose (9615) = 641 prime X 15, etc.

Fatima and Islam


Far back in history, the Muslims once occupied Portugal. The village of Fatima was given the Islamic name of well-loved Princess Fatima who lived in a nearby castle. Princess Fatima died at an early age, just after converting to Catholicism. Like most Muslim-born girls, this princess had been named after the beloved daughter of Islam's founder. Mohammed once said of his daughter, "Fatima is the most blessed woman in heaven after the Virgin Mary."

In fact, the Blessed Virgin Mary is mentioned more than thirty times in the Koran. Muslims believe in Mary's Immaculate Conception and the Virgin Birth of Christ. In the Koran, when Mary is born, her mother says: "And I consecrate her with all of her posterity under Thy protection, O Lord, against Satan!" Angels are pictured as accompanying the Blessed Mother and saying: "Oh Mary, God has chosen you and purified you, and elected you above all the women of the earth."

Nearly half a century ago, Bishop Fulton J. Sheen wrote the following. "I believe that the Blessed Virgin chose to be known as Our Lady of Fatima as a pledge and a sign of hope to the Moslem people, and as an assurance that they, who show her so much respect, will one day accept her divine Son, too. Mary is the portal for Moslems to accept Christ."


This video was uploaded to youtube on the 155th anniversary of the Dogma of The Immaculate Conception of our Lord God Jesus Christ in the womb of the Most Blessed Virgin Mary in 1854. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Immaculate_Conception

And, just like 4 years ago in 2005 on this day it's snowing in the Chicagoland area. On 20051208, the 151st anniversary of the Dogma of the Immaculate Conception becoming the official Doctrine of the universal Catholic Church, there was a tragic accident here in Chicago with Southwest Airlines Flight # 1248 as follows:


"On December 8, 2005, the airplane slid off a runway at Chicago-Midway while landing in a snowstorm and crashed into automobile traffic, killing Joshua Woods, a six-year-old boy in a car."

1248 = 156 X 8

And today is Day ONE (1) of the 156th anniversary of the Doctrine of the Immaculate Conception.

"At around 7:15 p.m. CST, the pilot attempted a landing with nearly eight inches of snow on the ground in the area. Airport officials stated that the runway was cleared of snow prior to the time of landing. The latest reported weather had the wind from between east and east-southeast (100°) at 11 knots (20 km/h)."

7:15 pm is the 1155th minute of the day which is ONE (1) conjoined with 155 which mirrors the 155th anniversary of the Doctrine of the Immaculate Conception today. 1155 days from 20051208 brings us to 20090205, my 51st birthday which was ONE (1) day from the end of the 14427th cycle of 51 days since the birth of our Lord God Jesus Christ on August 11th in 6 BC.

The other interesting thing to note about 20051208 is that it was the 151st anniversary of the Dogma of the Immaculate Conception which is the prime of God (764) Is (91) One (655) = 1510 = 151 prime X 10. And 20051208 was also the "Release Date" in the UK of the The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe:


Note also that Narnia (519591) = 151 "God Is One" prime X 3441

Pretty Amazing!!

ONE (1) final note: On 20051208 I was the reader of both readings of the Mass of the Immaculate Conception at the Sheil Catholic Center on the campus of Northwestern University.

PS. It is interesting to note the following from wikipedia:

"The feast of the Immaculate Conception, celebrated on 8 December, was established as a universal feast in 1476 by Pope Sixtus IV. He did not define the doctrine as a dogma, thus leaving Roman Catholics free to believe in it or not without being accused of heresy; this freedom was reiterated by the Council of Trent. The existence of the feast was a strong indication of the Church's belief in the Immaculate Conception, even before its 19th century definition as a dogma."

The year 1476 was/is 378 years from the year 1854 which was the year 1854 which was year that "the Immaculate Conception was solemnly defined as a dogma by Pope Pius IX in his constitution Ineffabilis Deus on 8 December 1854."

And if you do the math you will note that 18541208 was/is day ONE (1) of the 379th prime year from/including 1476 which is the result of adding 23 "I (9) Am (14)" prime + Leo (356) = 379 prime. It's interesting to also note that yesterday was the day I broke my personal record for the "Stairmaster" exercise machine when I stepped 379 "I Am Leo" prime floors in 46 minutes. 378 was my former "record" which is ONE (1) from 379, etc. And this post is # 152 which is ONE (1) from 151 which corresponds to God (764) Is (91) One (655) = 1510 = 151 prime X 10, etc.

Monday, December 7, 2009

The "Lion From The Tribe of Judah" Revelation

David Justice, Colorado State Cordinator of We The People Congress manifested this amazing numerical revelation At EXACTLY 12:07 pm on November 17, 2009 while standing in front of Jon McNaughton's "One Nation Under God" painting outside the New Orleans Ballroom inside Pheasant Run Resort on the occasion of Continental Congress 2009.

12:07 pm corresponds to 1207

20091117 + 1207 days = 20130308

March 8th is known as "The Jesus Foundation Day" for in most years it is always Jesus (15131) prime days from August 11th, the Divine Birthdate 41 years into the future.



Fast forward to today, 12/07 (1207) - which mirrors 12:07 pm - my youtube channel reveals 89 total views on this video with 89 being the prime of Leo (356) = 89 prime X 4.

click image to enlarge

One of my most popular recent videos is on this same topic:

David Justice, Colorado State Coordinator for We The People Congress provides some commentary on the significance of the presence of having Jon McNaughton's painting, "One Nation Under God", displayed outside of the New Orleans Ballroom where Continental Congress 2009 is meeting for their deliberations.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Four Boxes Of Light Revelation

While in the process of finishing up the task of putting up our indoor and outdoor Christmas lights I purchased 4 boxes of "50 White Lights" for a grand total of $11.51 which corresponds to 1151 prime which is the 191st prime number.

Four Boxes of Lights Revelation

Today, 20091206 - the Feast of St. Nicholas Day - is the 1151st day from/including 20061013 which was the 89th anniversary of the great "Miracle Of The Sun" at Fatima in 1917. 89 is the prime of Leo (356) = 89 prime X 4.

See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Mira...

The cost of each of the 4 boxes was $2.49 and 249 days ago was/is the 4/01 (401) mo/day in the year 2009 - 401 is the prime of Rosary (961197) = 401 prime X 2397.

The time on the receipt was 4:12 pm - 412 days prior to today, 20091206, brings us to 20081020 which was the 189th anniversary of the birth of "The Bab" the forerunner of Baha'ulla, the Founder of the Bahai Faith - see http://www.bahai.org

And 412 days from today brings us to 20110122 which will be my father's 86th birthday.

This came at the very end of a very powerful week which began on 20091130, Monday, when I watched "The 13th Day" the new movie about Fatima.

See http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rg2FYD