Thursday, February 7, 2013

Rose Is A Number

Rose is a number.  Rose (9615) = 641 prime X 15.  6:41 am is the 401st minute of each new day.  401 is the prime of the word Rosary (961197) = 401 prime X 2397.  Whenever you add or subtract 641 days to any day on the calendar you will move backward/forward 89 days.  89 is the prime of Leo (356) = 89 prime X 4. Leo is the astrological sign for the Divine Birthmonth of August whose ruling planet is the Sun and which corresponds to the Human Heart.  2005 was the Year of the Eucharist and it was also the year Pope John Paul II passed.  Pope John Paul II instituted the Year of the Rosary 2002-2003 - adding the Five Luminous Mysteries which end with the Institution of the Eucharist - as well as the year of the Eucharist 2004-2005.  The Divine Birthday August 11th in the year 2005 fell on a Thursday which is when the Luminous Mysteries are to be prayed.  Finally 2005 factors into 401 "Prime of Rosary" X 5.  How amazingly appropriate!

The end of the 1150th cycle of 641 "Prime of Rose" days - since the Divine Birth of our Lord - fell EXACTLY 89 "Prime of Leo (356)" days ago, November 8, 2012.  November 8th in 7 BC was the Divine Conception Day of our Lord God Jesus Christ in the womb of the Most Blessed Virgin Mary.   My wife's name is Maribeth.  Her birthday is November 8th and she was born 641 "Prime of Rose" days from the day I was born - which was 55 years ago on this day 2/5.

The 11/08 mo/day corresponds to the number 1108 which factors into 277 prime X 4 which is the prime of Divine (494955) Love (3645) = 498600 = 277 prime X 1800.  In leap years August 11th is always 277 "Divine Love" days from 11/08.  I love Roses!  I love our Lord and his Blessed Virgin Mother Mary!

"The Little Flower", St. Therese, was beatified in 1923.  1923 factors into 641 prime X 3 which is the prime of the word Rose (9615) = 641 prime X 15.  How appropriate!

Sister Lucia passed on 2/13/05 which was EXACTLY 89 "Prime of Leo (356)" days from 5/13/05 which was Day ONE (1) of the 89th "Prime of Leo (356)" year since Fatima began in the year 1917.