Sunday, September 21, 2008

Leo, the 104-year-old Cubs fan gets wish to toss first pitch

104-year-old Cubs fan gets wish to toss first pitch :: CHICAGO SUN-TIMES :: Cubs: "Leo Hildebrand's century-old dream came true Saturday.

The 104-year-old Cubs fan who has wished for decades to throw out a ceremonial pitch at Wrigley Field had his wish granted by the Cubs Saturday."

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Note: I will share the numbers behind this event later today.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Gold rises on Wall St. and declining dollar - Sep. 17, 2008

NEW YORK ( -- Gold prices posted their biggest one-day jump ever Wednesday, as jitters over the health of the financial sector sent stocks tumbling and the dollar weakened.

Gold for December delivery was up $70, or 9%, to settle at $850.50 an ounce. The gain surpassed the previous mark, $64, set Jan. 29, 1980, during a period of surging inflation.

Gold rises on Wall St. and declining dollar - Sep. 17, 2008

Today, 20080917, is the 221st anniversary of the adoption of the Constitution for the united states of America in 1787. The Gold (7634th) day from/including 20080917 brings us to 20290811, the Divine Birthdate of our Lord God Jesus Christ in 6 BC.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Carlos Zambrano's No Hitter

YouTube - Carlos Zambrano's No Hitter

Carlos Zambrano's no-hitter came 515 days from Mark Buehrle's no hitter on April 18, 2007. Twenty one (21) cycles of 515 days prior to today brings us to 19790204 which means that Day One (1) of this cycle was 19790205, my 21st birthday.

The last Cub to pitch a no hitter was Milt Pappas on September 2, 1972 against the San Diego Padres - 13161 days ago.

Today is Day ONE (1) Carlos's # 38 23 "I Am" cycle since 20060601, his 28th birthday. 38 days from today brings us to 20081022, the 197th anniversary of Franz Listz's birth in 1811.

According to Wikipedia, "Zambrano was called up to the Cubs and pitched in his first game on August 20, 2001, starting against the Milwaukee Brewers at Wrigley Field in the second game of a double header."

20010820 + Leo (356) days brings us to August 11th 2002, the Divine Birthday of our Lord God Jesus Christ in the following year. 20010820 was also the 66th birthday of Ron Paul. 66 + 23 "I Am" = 89 "Prime of Leo (356)." Ron was born 23 "I Am" years prior to the year I was born, 1958, which was year ONE (1) of the 23rd "I Am" cycle of 89 "Prime of Leo (356)" which will end in the year 2047.

A Tribute to # 89 Steve Smith

Wikipedia wrote:

"Stevonne Latrall Smith[1] (born May 12, 1979 in Lynwood, California) is an American football wide receiver for the Carolina Panthers of the National Football League. He was brought to the Panthers organization as a third round pick in the 2001 NFL Draft. He played college football at University of Utah.

Smith, a three-time Pro Bowl selection, has emerged as one of the NFL's most productive wide receivers, leading the league in catches, receiving yards and touchdowns in 2005."

This video was "added" to Youtube on April 15, 2008 which was 152 days ago. 22 X 152 = 3344 days ago brings us to 19990720 which was/is 22 days from the Divine Birthdate, August 11th, which coincided with a Total Eclipse of The Sun.

There are 7766 days separating my birth, 19580205, and Steve Smith's birth, 19790512. 7766 factors into 353 prime X 22. The end of the 23rd "I Am" cycle of 353 prime days from my birth brings us to 19800429 which was the end of the first year of what Emanuel Swedenborg (1688-1772) told Dean Fagerstrom was the New Christian Era.

Leo Energy In Volleyball

First let's observe "Elizabeth" Player Number 89 as follows:

2007/2008 LBVBC 16-1 Hava - Player Number 89

YouTube - 2007/2008 LBVBC 16-1 Hava - Player Number 89

I stumbled onto this and was called to write/share:

Today is the 258th day of the year. Check out what Elizabeth is doing at EXACTLY 2:58 min - ie. she's spiking the ball. 9/14 (914) factors into 457 prime X 2 which is the 89th prime number. 89 is the prime of Leo (356) which is the astrological sign for the Divine Birthmonth of August whose ruling planet is the Sun and which corresponds to the human Heart.

In non-leap years the 9/14 is the 257th day of the year. 257 is a prime number which, when doubled, equals 5/14 (514) which is always 89 "Prime of Leo (356)" days from August 11th, the Divine Birthdate of our Lord God Jesus Christ in 6 BC.

Another spike recorded EXACTLY at 1:29 min which is the 89th second of this video. Your and Elizabeth's timing is incredible!! This is how the Divine Providence works!

Here's another video of Elizabeth:

2008 Junior Olympics Laguna Beach Girls Volleyball player 89

Elizabeth finished making a spike at 1:12 min - which corresponds to 112 which is is 23 "I Am" + 89 "Prime of Leo (356)". Also, another spike is documented at EXACTLY 1:29 min which is the 89th second of this video. Pretty amazing!! Thanks again!

Note: The numerical energy behind #89 in conjunction with volleyball manifested here in Illinois back in the 1989 Illinois IHSA Volleyball Championship when the LaGrange "Lyons" - from the western suburbs here in Chicago won the AA State Championship as follows:

1989AA LaGrange (Lyons) (33-10) - coach Joann Pyritz - vs. Tinley Park (Andrew) (33-8-2) - coach Barb Walaszek - 9-15, 15-9, 15-6

1989 Illinois IHSA Volleyball Championship

The 89th longitude West goes right through the heart of Illinois, including Springfied, the State Capital, which is 89 miles from the St. Louis.


Ok, the "89 Hits" just keep on coming! Here's another example which was posted on my 50th birthday (2/5/08) by pablojuarez89:

Volleyball - Luckiest Return Ever

Sunday, September 7, 2008

We Are The Ones We Have Been Waiting For

At 3:56 min/sec the natural energy of Leo (356) can be seen in this swarm of lions.

At 5:56 min the underlying message that underlies this Leonic energy is stated as follows:

Note that 5:56 am is the end of the Leo (356th) minute of each new day.

YouTube - We Are The Ones We Have Been Waiting For

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Leonic Energy Behind McCain & Palin

Wikipedia wrote:

John Sidney McCain III (born August 29, 1936) is the senior United States Senator from Arizona and presumptive presidential nominee of the Republican Party in the 2008 presidential election.

Wikipedia wrote:

Sarah Louise Heath Palin (pronounced /ˈpeɪlɪn/; born February 11, 1964) is the governor of Alaska and the presumptive Republican vice presidential nominee in the 2008 United States presidential election.

Sarah Palin was born 10027 days from the birth of John McCain. 10027 factors into 271 prime X 87. The end of the 88th cycle of 271 prime days from John McCain's birth brings us to 19641108 which was/is the 1972nd anniversary of the Divine Conception of our Lord God Jesus Christ in the womb of the most Blessed Virgin Mary in 7 BC. 19641108 was/is Day ONE (1) of the 89th cycle of 271 since the birth of John McCain.

Today - this evening - Sarah Palin is speaking at the Republican National Convention in St. Paul DC. Today is 9/03 is 23 days from August 11th, the Divine Birthdate. 23 corresponds to I (9) Am (14) = 23 prime which is the Lord's original name and title given to Moses on Mt. Sinai - ie. "I Am....the Lord thy God..." Exodus 20:2. My father passed/ascended 12 years ago on this day. But let's get back to 271 prime as follows....

20080903 - 23 "I Am" prime X 271 prime (6233) days = 19910811, the Divine Birthday of our Lord in the year 1991 which factors into 181 prime X 11. 181 corresponds to We (55) Are (195) One (655) = 905 = 181 prime X 5.

Now let's get back to the importance of November 8th.... November 8th (1108) is always 89 days from August 11th, the Divine Birthdate of our Lord God Jesus Christ in 6 BC. Note also that 1108 factors into 277 prime X 4 which is the prime of "Divine Love" as follows:

Divine (494955) Love (3645) = 498600 = 277 prime X 1800.

In leap years such as 2008 August 11th, the Divine Birthday, is always 277 "Divine Love" prime days from the November 8th, the Divine Conception Day.

Palin (71395) = 131 prime X 545

131 is the prime of ONE (655) = 131 prime X 5

And it works perfectly as Palin (71395) = ONE (655) X 109 prime

A Study In Leonic Correspondences

This scene in our basement family room was noted while I was talking to Gary Nobles in St. Louis at 11:33 am yesterday, 9/02/08. After I posted this I noted that the PSE time was 8:09 am which corresponds to "Lady 89" as follows:

Lady (3147) + 89 = 3236 = 809 prime X 4

I bring this up because at EXACTLY 2:06 pm yesterday, 9/02, I was called to observe a red mercedes convertible with the Illinois license plate "Lady 89" driving south on Skokie Blvd. (Route 41) in front of Old Orchard shopping center. 234 "I Am" cycles of "Lady 89" 809 prime days prior to yesterday brings us to 19570923 which was/is Sun (135) days prior to the day I was born, 19580205.

"Lady 89" (3236) is actually the address of the house just to the east of our home here in Evanston on 3242 Harrison St.

So we have 809 prime which is composed of "8" and "9" separated by one conjunctive zero (0).

Now let's examine the photograph above in greater detail....

First we have the Lion - his name is Leo from the Lion King fame - which has a green mit over it's head and a snake on it's back upon which sits a black duck. Notice also the telescope pointing high towards the heavens & stars and a World Atlas that sits between the Chicago Bear that's wearing a Cubs hat.

What does this all mean? I didn't put this together. I was simply an observer of a pattern of correspondence. The Chicago Bears are beginning their season while the Cubs are trying to finish up on what has become one of there greatest seasons. The Atlas of the earth mirrors the exploratory power of the telescope in discovering the wonders of the stars and planets. The snake corresponds to the evil manifested by fallen man since the original sin and the duck riding atop the snake on the back of the Lion works to bring some levity to the situation. But the key to this picture of the mitt covering the eyes of the Lion. In baseball the single, most powerful accomplishment is the act of hitting a home run. And if you're a fan sitting in the bleachers having a mitt is going to be very helpful in any attempt at catching a home run ball. Note also that on the wall behind the duck is a picture of the start of the 2005 Chicago Marathon, the last marathon that I ran in - my 6th.

The abbreviation for "Home Run" (HR) corresponds to the prime of 89 which is the prime of Leo (356) = 89 prime X 4.

The telescope, corresponding to the study of the stars and planets, brings us closer to understanding our Sun which corresponds to the sign of Leo (356) which corresponds to the Human Heart. The Bears and Cubs are leading this parade right now, but we need to pay close attention to geography - latitude and longitude lines - in the study of our world Atlas, etc. If we do the above We The People of the world have a greater potential to become beacons of hope and faith for mankind as we raise ourselves higher and higher closer and closer to the angels of heaven. But we must attend and play the game of life if we are going to have an opportunity to catch the HR (89) ball.

Yesterday - when this image was discovered - was the 74th day from/including June 20th (2008) - summer solstice - which was the day I caught University of North Carolina's (UNC's) Tim Federowicz's Grand Slam Home Run ball in the left field bleachers at Rosenblatt Field during the NCAA College World Series. 89 (HR) days from June 20 brings us to 9/17 which will be the day that the Constitution for the united states of America was originally signed before being sent onto the states for formal ratification in 1787.

That's it!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

December 21 2012 THE END

December 21, 2012 will be the Leo (356th) day of the year. The above picture is freeze-framed at EXACTLY 3:56 (Leo) min/sec. Watch the video and see what happens immediately at 3:57 min/sec.

YouTube - December 21 2012 THE END

Edwin O. Guthman Passes/Ascends At 89

Wikipedia wrote:

Edwin O. Guthman (August 11, 1919 - August 31, 2008) was a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist and university professor.

The LA Times wrote:

Guthman was national editor of the L.A. Times during the paper's rise to prominence. His pursuit of Watergate stories earned him the No. 3 spot on Nixon's enemies list. He later taught at USC.

Edwin O. Guthman, a Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative journalist and editor whose aggressive pursuit of Watergate stories during the 1970s earned him the enmity of President Nixon and the No. 3 spot on Nixon's infamous enemies list, has died. He was 89. continue...

Because of his Pulitzer and his Kennedy connections, Guthman was, according to Halberstam, "the most prestigious editor" The Times had in the 1960s. He was known for his strong social conscience and his belief that reporters should strive to expose corruption. Guthman also was known as the paper's most relentless editor, always pushing his reporters to make one more phone call to nail an important story.


This quality was crucial in the early 1970s when the Washington Post broke the story of the Watergate break-in. In contrast to other top editors at The Times, Guthman was, Halberstam wrote, "passionate on Watergate from the start."

The Times was one of the few papers in the country doing any Watergate stories, but it found itself always trailing the Post on reporting developments in the unfolding scandal, which arose from the discovery of a break-in by Republican operatives at the Democratic National Headquarters in the Watergate office complex in Washington. The Times' fortunes changed in the fall of 1972, when Washington correspondent Ronald J. Ostrow learned that there might have been an eyewitness to the break-in.

One of Ostrow's colleagues at The Times, Jack Nelson, found the witness, Alfred Baldwin, and secured an exclusive interview. Although Times lawyers warned of the enormous legal risks and the government was pressuring the paper to drop the story, Guthman talked Times Editor William F. Thomas into running the piece. It became one of the most important stories about the entire episode because, in Halberstam's view, it "brought Watergate right to the heart of the Nixon reelection campaign in a more dramatic way than any other story so far."

Here are some of the key numerical points as follows:

First, Edwin was born on the Divine Birthday 1925 years from our Lord's birth in 6 BC - my late father was born in the year 1925. Second, Edwin passed on August 31, 2008 which was the 11th anniversary of the passing of Princess Diana. So we have a very strong resonance with the number 11 - 11th day (August), 11 years, etc. Third, on the night of Ed's passing my wife and I were at the Writer's Theatre watching "Nixon's Nixon", a story of what might have happened in the Lincoln sitting room the night before Nixon resigned (August 7, 1974).

Glencoe's Writer's Theatre has two venues, one in the back of Vernon's Books (where we saw Nixon's Nixon which can seat 50) and the larger of the two at 325 Tudor Court in the Glencoe Women's Library Club which can seat 108. Prior to seeing the play my wife and I drove around Glencoe and stopped in front of the Woman's Library Club at exactly 5:41 pm. The Writer's Theatre just completed a production of "The Lion In The Winter" on August 17th. I was called to note the time because of "The Lion" phrase. Harris Bank has had an office directly across the street from 325 Tudor Court for years at 333 Park Avenue - note that 333 + 23 "I Am" = Leo (356), etc.

541 is the 101st prime number. 541 days prior to 20080831 brings us to 20070309 which is Jesus (15131) prime days from 20480811, ONE (1) year from the end of the 23rd "I Am" cycle of the prime of Leo (356) year of 2047 = 23 prime X 89, etc.

Two cycles of 541 days bring us to 20050914 which is the 9/14 (914) mo/day = 457 prime X 3 which is the 89th prime number. The year 2005 factors into 401 "Prime of Rosary (961197)" X 5 and was the advent of the 89th "Prime of Leo (356)" year since Fatima began in 1917, etc. You can read about other 2005 revelations concerning 541 prime and the Chicago White Sox winning the 101st World Series over at this link.

Let's get back to Edwin Guthman's passing.....

August 31, 2008 - the night that we watched Nixon's Nixon was 12,443 days from August 7, 1974, the day prior to Nixon's resignation in 1974.

12443 factors into 23 "I Am" X 541 prime. 23 corresponds to I (9) Am (14) = 23 prime which is the Lord's original name and title given to Moses on Mt. Sinai - ie. "I Am...the Lord thy God..." Exodus 20:2.

Now let's connect the numerical dots between Edwin's passing, Robert Kennedy's passing and "The Lion In The Winter" as follows:

Robert F. Kennedy passed/ascended on June 6, 1968, 14696 days prior to Edwin Guthman's passing on August 31, 2008. We first factor 14696 as 167 prime X 88 which means that the end of the 89 "Prime of Leo (356)" cycle of 167 prime days will bring us to 20090214 - Valentines Day - which in non-leap years is ALWAYS two (2) cycles of 89 "Prime of Leo (356)" days from the Divine Birthday, August 11th. 20090214 will also be the 66th birthday of another "Lion" figure, the late Aaron Russo, (February 14, 1943 – August 24, 2007) an American entertainment businessman, film maker, and political activist.

Note that 6/06 - June 6th, D-Day - is always 66 days from August 11th.

66 is 23 "I Am" from 89, the prime of Leo (356) = 89 prime X 4.

We can tie the above all the way back to the premier of the original Broadway Play of "The Lion In Winter" on March 3, 1966 as follows:

20080831 - 19660303 = 15522 days = 199 prime X 78

August 31, 2008 was/is 199 prime days from 20080214, Day ONE (1) of the 66th year since Aaron Russo's - the Lion In The Winter - birth.

Less than 2 years prior to his passing on August 24, 2007, Aaron Russo produced a ground-breaking political-social-economic documentary, America: Freedom To Fascism (AFTF). In an example of incredible numerical harmony we can connect the dots between Aaron's birth, 19420214, the eve of Nixon's resignation - on which the play "Nixon's Nixon" is based - and the first public screening of America: Freedom To Fascism in Tuscon Arizona on January 28, 2006 as follows:

19740807 (the eve of Nixon's resignation) - 19430214 (Aaron Russo's birth) = 11497 days

11497 is a prime number

19740807 + 11497 prime days = 20060128, the very first public screening of America: Freedom To Fascism in Tuscon Arizona.

It's a wrap!!

PS. Today is the day that my late father, Fred K. Smart, Jr. began to ascend/pass 12 years ago in 1996. He died one day later on 9/03, 23 "I Am" days from the Divine Birthday, 8/11, on the 101 "Perfect Unity" prime cycle that connects all the way back to the birth of Christ in 6 BC. 101 days later my grandmother, my mother's mother, passed/ascended on 12/13, the 19th anniversary of my wife's father's passing/ascension in 1977.

PSS. Since hurricane "Gustav" is in the news right now it may be appropriate to note that the Universal Numerical Date (UND) for Gustav (731214) brings us back to 19960808 which was/is Day ONE (1) of the 23rd "I Am" year since Nixon's resignation in 1974 and the 8th anniversary of the lights being turned on at Wrigley Field for the first time in 1988. My father's father's name was "Gustav" and my father-in-law's name was "Gus". 23 "I Am" days from Gustav (731214) - August 8, 1996 - my mother, father and I were holding hands at the "Kaiser" mausoleum inside Chicago's famous Graceland Cemetary. This was on the day that my Godmother, Sally Burnham, the wife of Sailor (Hubert) Burnham, the grandson of Daniel Burnham, the famed pioneering architect and urban planner of the Chicago School of Architecture.