Wednesday, September 3, 2008

A Study In Leonic Correspondences

This scene in our basement family room was noted while I was talking to Gary Nobles in St. Louis at 11:33 am yesterday, 9/02/08. After I posted this I noted that the PSE time was 8:09 am which corresponds to "Lady 89" as follows:

Lady (3147) + 89 = 3236 = 809 prime X 4

I bring this up because at EXACTLY 2:06 pm yesterday, 9/02, I was called to observe a red mercedes convertible with the Illinois license plate "Lady 89" driving south on Skokie Blvd. (Route 41) in front of Old Orchard shopping center. 234 "I Am" cycles of "Lady 89" 809 prime days prior to yesterday brings us to 19570923 which was/is Sun (135) days prior to the day I was born, 19580205.

"Lady 89" (3236) is actually the address of the house just to the east of our home here in Evanston on 3242 Harrison St.

So we have 809 prime which is composed of "8" and "9" separated by one conjunctive zero (0).

Now let's examine the photograph above in greater detail....

First we have the Lion - his name is Leo from the Lion King fame - which has a green mit over it's head and a snake on it's back upon which sits a black duck. Notice also the telescope pointing high towards the heavens & stars and a World Atlas that sits between the Chicago Bear that's wearing a Cubs hat.

What does this all mean? I didn't put this together. I was simply an observer of a pattern of correspondence. The Chicago Bears are beginning their season while the Cubs are trying to finish up on what has become one of there greatest seasons. The Atlas of the earth mirrors the exploratory power of the telescope in discovering the wonders of the stars and planets. The snake corresponds to the evil manifested by fallen man since the original sin and the duck riding atop the snake on the back of the Lion works to bring some levity to the situation. But the key to this picture of the mitt covering the eyes of the Lion. In baseball the single, most powerful accomplishment is the act of hitting a home run. And if you're a fan sitting in the bleachers having a mitt is going to be very helpful in any attempt at catching a home run ball. Note also that on the wall behind the duck is a picture of the start of the 2005 Chicago Marathon, the last marathon that I ran in - my 6th.

The abbreviation for "Home Run" (HR) corresponds to the prime of 89 which is the prime of Leo (356) = 89 prime X 4.

The telescope, corresponding to the study of the stars and planets, brings us closer to understanding our Sun which corresponds to the sign of Leo (356) which corresponds to the Human Heart. The Bears and Cubs are leading this parade right now, but we need to pay close attention to geography - latitude and longitude lines - in the study of our world Atlas, etc. If we do the above We The People of the world have a greater potential to become beacons of hope and faith for mankind as we raise ourselves higher and higher closer and closer to the angels of heaven. But we must attend and play the game of life if we are going to have an opportunity to catch the HR (89) ball.

Yesterday - when this image was discovered - was the 74th day from/including June 20th (2008) - summer solstice - which was the day I caught University of North Carolina's (UNC's) Tim Federowicz's Grand Slam Home Run ball in the left field bleachers at Rosenblatt Field during the NCAA College World Series. 89 (HR) days from June 20 brings us to 9/17 which will be the day that the Constitution for the united states of America was originally signed before being sent onto the states for formal ratification in 1787.

That's it!

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