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Jackie Robinson Day and the Glory Behind #42

First off, yesterday was #42 X 2 = 84 days from 20090121 which was the end of the last 89 "Prime of Leo (356)" - the 35763rd - day cycle since the birth of our Lord God Jesus Christ on August 11th in 6 BC.

Chicago Suntimes graphic masthead one day later - 1 degree from 42 degrees
April 16, 2009


Cubs first baseman Derrek Lee was among the players who voluntarily wore No. 42 for baseball's tribute to Jackie Robinson the last two seasons.

This year, with the decision to have all on-field personnel wearing Robinson's number Wednesday, Lee was happy to be in the majority.

''I like it,'' Lee said of the leaguewide tribute to the man who broke baseball's color line on April 15, 1947. ''It's about honoring him and giving him the recognition he deserves, and maybe educating people along the way. What better way to do it.

''It might be a little hard on the scorekeeper, though.''

With every player wearing No. 42 and every notation on lineup sheets and scoreboards the same, it was a case of not being able to tell the players even with a scorecard.

Even the game-time temperature at Wrigley Field was 42 degrees.

''It's great,'' Cubs left fielder Alfonso Soriano said. ''I remember last year, three or four players used the number. Now, everybody has to use it, and it's nice. Everybody will remember the history now.''

Robinson's number was retired throughout baseball in 1997, but commissioner Bud Selig lifted the order temporarily in 2007 to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the day Robinson broke the color barrier. The voluntary tribute was held again last season.

''Jackie was the first,'' said Cubs manager Lou Piniella, who got to wear his longtime number again. Piniella has worn No. 41 since Robinson's number was retired. ''He had a wonderful career. Other [minorities who followed him] should be honored, too, but Jackie being the first, he did a lot for baseball and [race] relations.''

More than 330 players and staff wore the number last year, prompting Selig to request total participation this season among baseball's more than 750 uniformed personnel.

The Cubs held a pregame ceremony honoring Robinson, and lineup cards were imprinted with the Jackie Robinson Day logo.

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Rich Harden started and got the loss for the Cubs. Since 1997 Lou Pinnella has been able to wear his original number in the major leagues - #42 - until yesterday for one day.

Rich Harden's regular number is 40 so he got to rise up to #42

Rich Harden on the mound yesterday

Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier in baseball on April 15, 1947.

The video above was uploaded to Youtube on August 11, 2007, the Divine Birthdate - click here to watch. The year 2007 factors into 223 prime X 9 and the 223rd day of each non-leap year is August 11th.

Here are some more pics from Wrigley Field yesterday versus the Colorado Rockies.

Our middle son, Thomas caught his first foul ball at Wrigley Field yesterday. We were sitting in section 226 Row 8 - the first 4 seats from the isle to the left. This happened at 3:01 pm CDT. The second baseman for the Colorado Rockies, Clint Barmes (his regular number is #12), hit the foul ball. Thomas jumped out of his seat and dove towards the cement under the seats to his right while he grabbed the ball. I ran over and covered his back to protect him from other flying bodies, arms and legs that could potentially get mixed into the fray.

Now let's do some digging into the number 42 as follows:

Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier in major league baseball on April 17, 1947 which was 11 years from 1958 - the year I was born - or 3949 days which factors into 11 prime X 359 prime.

My UND was 717150 - ie. the number of days between/including the birth of Christ (August 11th in 6 BC) and my birth, 19580205 - so we when we subtract 3949 we come to 713201 for the UND for 19470415. The first complete day past 19470415 increases the UND to 713202 which factors by #42 X 16981 prime.

So the bottom line here is that the day Jackie Robinson #42 broke the color barrier was the beginning of the final day of the 42 day cycle that connects all the way back to the birth of our Lord God Jesus Christ on August 11th in 6 BC.

Now let's dig a bit more...

There are 9 players in baseball X 42 = 378

378 X 89 "Prime of Leo (356)" = 33642

20090415 - the 62nd anniversary of Jackie's act of breaking the color barrier - minus 33642 days brings us to 19170307. When you add Jesus (15131) prime days to 19170307 you will arrive at 19580810, the eve of the Divine Birthdate in the year 1958 which is the advent of the 23rd "I Am" cycle of 89 "Prime of Leo (356)" years.

And if we all Jesus (15131) prime days to 19580810 we will arrive at 20000113 which is 23 "I Am" prime days from 20000205 which was/is my 42nd birthday!

The current year, 2009, is 42 years from 1967 and 1967 factors into 281 prime X 7. 281 prime is our Lord God Jesus Christ's spiritual numerical designator which is based on his "corrected" - ie. spiritual - date of birth which was Year 1, Month 8, Day 11. Day 11 = 1+1 = 2, Month 8 and Year 1 convert to 281 prime. And the 281st prime number is 1811 which mirrors the Divine Birthdate: Year 1, Month 8, Day 11, etc.

The number 42 kicked in pretty strongly yesterday for another few reasons as follows:

The 42 cycle that connects back to the birth of our Lord God Jesus Christ crossed through EXACTLY ONE (1) week prior to yesterday, or April 8th, which is ONE (1) day following the real - ie. "corrected" - date that our Lord was crucified in 30 AD. My numerical age last Wednesday, April 8th, was 445 X 42 = 18690 days. And 445 is 89 "Prime of Leo (356)" from Leo (356), etc. Last Wednesday was the end of the 17520th cycle of 42 days from/including August 11, 6 BC the Divine Birth of our Lord God Jesus Christ.

Jackie Robinson's number 42 was retired on 19970415, the 50th anniversary of the day he broke the color barrier. On that day Major League Baseball retired - for all time - the number 42. No new player would ever be allowed to wear #42 from that day forward. Our second son, Thomas was born on July 4th 1997 which was 80 days from 19970415. 80 days from 19970704 brings us to 19970922 which was the day that Lincoln read for the first time in public the proposed Emancipation Proclamation that went into effect as law 101 days later on 18630101. 19970922 was the Sun (135th) anniversary of that event.

Yesterday was also the 80th complete day since the advent of the Year of the Ox on 20090126. Our son Thomas was born in the year 1997 which also the Year of the Ox. You can read my numerical write-up on the Year of the Ox over at this link.

Within a few minutes of Thomas catching this foul ball the first rays of sunshine started to break out at Wrigley Field yesterday.

The 62nd anniversary of breaking the color barrier factors into 31 prime X 2 which is the prime of "The Lord God" as follows:

The (285) Lord (3694) God (764) = 4743 = 31 prime X 153

4743 "The Lord God" days prior to yesterday brings us to 19960420 which was/is 89 "Prime of Leo (356)" days from 19960122 which was my late father's last birthday celebrated on this earth. He passed/ascended on 19960903, 23 "I Am" days from August 11th, the Divine Birthdate. My father's 23rd "I Am" birthday on 19480122 was on the 23 "I Am" cycle that connects back to the birth of Christ, too!

Now before I close let's go back to the very beginning of this post and reexamine the 89 cycle that connects back to the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ. The current 89 "Prime of Leo (356)" cycle - the 35764th - will end on April 20, 2009. 35764 is 35 conjoined with the word God (764). 35764 factors into 8941 prime X 4. 8941 is composed of two prime numbers, 89 and 41. 41 prime corresponds to "I Am the Light of the World" John 8:12 as follows:

I (9) Am (14) the (285) Light (39782) of (66) the (285) World (56934) = 97375 = 41 prime X 2375

Now let's finish off with an analysis of Jackie Robinson's numerical age (NA) from yesterday as follows:

Jackie Robinson was born on 19190131 so his NA yesterday was 32947 = 701 prime X 47 prime. This 47 prime factor seems to "ring" in the year 1947. Let's go back along the 701 prime cycle and see what emerges as follows:

20090415 - 701 prime days (Cycle 46) = 20070515 which was completion of Day ONE (1) of the 89 "Prime of Leo (356)" cycle that connects to August 11th, the Divine Birthdate.

Cycle 43 X 701 prime days from 19190131 brings us to 20010811, the Divine Birthdate when I was 43 years old.

Yesterday was 440 days from Jackie Robinson's 89th "Prime of Leo (356)" birthday which was 20080131. 440 - Leo (356) = 84 and 84 days prior to yesterday was the end of the 35763rd cycle of 89 "Prime of Leo (356)" days since the birth of our Lord God Jesus Christ (August 11th in 6 BC) which brings us back full circle from where we began this post.

Such amazing perfection and order manifests from the Divine Order and Providence of our Lord's continuing universal creation!!

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