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Obama Visits Old Faithful

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The Obamas in Yellowstone National Park on Saturday. “That’s pretty cool,” President Obama said of Old Faithful’s eruption.

On Work Tour in the West, Obama Visits Old Faithful -

Published: August 15, 2009

"BIG SKY, Mont. — President Obama is making a swing through the American West this weekend to promote his plan to overhaul the health benefits system. But he’s also squeezing in another kind of health benefit: enjoying the great outdoors.

The Obama family — the president, the first lady, Michelle Obama, and daughters Malia and Sasha — spent Friday night at a wooded lodge here in the mountains of Montana, then slipped off Saturday morning for a helicopter ride into Yellowstone National Park, where they landed in a clearing not far from the famous geyser, Old Faithful.

The White House had billed the trip as a private family visit, but a small pool of reporters and photographers was allowed to accompany the Obama party — including aides, park rangers, Interior Secretary Ken Salazar and Mr. Obama’s sister and brother-in-law, Maya Soetoro-Ng and Konrad Ng — to watch the geyser erupt.

“That’s pretty cool,” Mr. Obama was overheard saying at Old Faithful on Saturday, as the familiar scene of white steam and water shooting skyward played out before him, almost right on schedule, at 12:16 p.m. Mountain time." Read more.

Concerning Yellowstone Park Wikipedia wrote:

Yellowstone National Park, established by the U.S. Congress[3] as a national park on March 1, 1872, is located primarily in the U.S. state of Wyoming, though it also extends into Montana and Idaho. The park was the first of its kind, and is known for its wildlife and its many geothermal features, especially Old Faithful Geyser, one of the most popular features in the park.[1] It has many types of ecosystems, but the subalpine forest is dominant.

Now here are the numbers:

First, we must go all the way back to confirm a bit of Old Faithful history from Wikipedia:

On the afternoon of September 18, 1870 members of the Washburn-Langford-Doane Expedition traveled down the Firehole River from the Kepler Cascades and entered the Upper Geyser Basin. The first geyser they saw was Old Faithful. In his 1871 Scribner's account of the expedition, Nathaniel P. Langford wrote:

"Judge, then, what must have been our astonishment, as we entered the basin at mid-afternoon of our second day's travel, to see in the clear sunlight, at no great distance, an immense volume of clear, sparkling water projected into the air to the height of one hundred and twenty-five feet. "Geysers! geysers!" exclaimed one of our company, and, spurring our jaded horses, we soon gathered around this wonderful phenomenon. It was indeed a perfect geyser. The aperture through which the jet was projected was an irregular oval, three feet by seven in diameter. The margin of sinter was curiously piled up, and the exterior crust was filled with little hollows full of water, in which were small globules of sediment, some having gathered around bits of wood and other nuclei. This geyser is elevated thirty feet above the level of the surrounding plain, and the crater rises five or six feet above the mound. It spouted at regular intervals nine times during our stay, the columns of boiling water being thrown from ninety to one hundred and twenty-five feet at each discharge, which lasted from fifteen to twenty minutes. We gave it the name of "Old Faithful."[3]"

There are 50735 days between September 18, 1870 and August 15, 2009 which factors into 139 prime X 365 - as in 365 days which cooresponds to length of ONE (1) non-leap. 139 corresponds to "I Am Here" as follows:

I (9) Am (14) Here (8595) = 8618 = 139 prime X 62

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was born on 19290115 which was the end of the 5083rd cycle of 139 prime of "I Am Here" days since the birth of our Lord. And 212 cycles of 139 prime days from Dr. King's birth will bring us to 20090920 which is the 9/20 (920) mo/day which corresponds to God (764) Is (91) On (65) = 920 = 23 "I (9) Am (14)" X 40. Our third son, Andrew, will be celebrating his 8th birthday on 20090920. 139 "I Am Here" days from August 15, 2009 will bring us to New Year's Day, 20100101.

Yellowstone Park is where highways 89, 191 and 287 come together as one road. 89 is the prime of Leo (356) = 89 prime X 4; 191 is the prime of God (764) = 191 prime X 4; and 89 + 191 + 287 = 567 = 189 X 3 - that's one (1) conjoined with 89 which is the prime of Leo (356), etc.

Old (634) Faithful (61928633) = 61929267 = 191 prime X 324237

61929267 divides by God (764) X 81059 times with a remainder of 191

61929267 is a highly revelatory number for it is composed of two primes, 619 and 29 followed by 267 which is 89 from Leo (356). 619 prime corresponds to "The (285) Word (5694) of (66) God (764) = 6809 = 619 prime X 11. 29 prime corresponds to the Saturn Return which, according to Wikipedia:

" an astrological phenomenon that occurs at the ages of 27-30, 58-60, and finally from 86-88, coinciding with the time it takes the planet Saturn to make one orbit around the sun. It is believed by astrologers that as Saturn "returns" to the degree in which it occupied at the time of birth—approximately every 29.5 years—a person crosses over a major threshold and into the next stage of life. With the first Saturn Return, a person leaves youth behind and enters adulthood. With the second Return, maturity. And the third and usually final Return, a person enters wise old age."

The end of the 8269th cycle of 89 "Prime of Leo (356)" days - since the birth of our Lord on August 11th in 6 BC - fell on 20090718 which means that the completion of the 29th "Saturn Return" prime day from that day was/is August 15th 2009, the day Obama and his family visited Yellowstone Park and watch Old Faithful erupt.

Note also that 619 "The Word of God" prime minus 267 = 352 and that 352 days from August 15, 2009 brings us to 20100802 which is Leo (356) days from 20090811, the Divine Birthdate. And if we go in the other direction, 352 days prior to 20090815 brings us to 20080828 which was the 45th anniversary of Dr. King's "I Have A Dream" speech during the March On Washington in 1963. The completion of Day ONE (1) of this 352 day cycle was Michael Jackson's 50th birthday.

61929267 can also be broken up into 61 which is the prime of Christ (389912) and 929 prime which corresponds to "Free (6955) From (6964) Fear (6519) = 20438 = 929 prime X 22.

Obama is the 44th executive to occupy the position of President of the United States. 191 is the 44th prime number - including one (1) in the count. 44 X 191 = 8404 days prior to August 15, 2009 brings us to August 12, 1986 - within ONE (1) day of the Divine Birthday of our Lord. Another way of looking at it is that eleven (11) cycles of God (764) = 8404 days prior to 20090815 brings us to 19860812 which is ONE (1) day from the Divine Birthday.

According to the New York Times article - above - Old Faithful erupted at 12:16 pm which is the end of the 736th minute of the new day. 736 days prior to 20090815 brings us back to August 10th in the year 2007 which means that the completion of Day ONE (1) of this 736 day cycle was August 11th, the Divine Birthdate. The year 2007 was/is highly revelatory because it factors into 223 prime X 9 and the 223rd day in every non-leap year - such as 2007 - is August 11th, the Divine Birthdate.

I was in Ames Iowa for the Iowa Straw Poll on August 11, 2007 helping out with a ballot integrity initiative called "Vote In Sunshine." It was a blazing hot-humid day with temperatures exceeding 100 degrees. The same numerical effect that we witnessed above with 739 manifests with Ames (1451) as follows:

20070811 + Ames (1451) = 20110801 which is the Leo (356th) day from 20100810 such that completion of day ONE (1) of this Leo (356) cycle was/is August 11th, the Divine Birthdate, etc.

Now let's go ahead 736 days from 20090815 as follows:

20090815 + 736 days = 20110821 which is Leo (356) days from August 11th 2012, the Divine Birthdate once again.

The mo/day of 8/15 (815) is revelatory as it reveals more than we know on the surface: 815 = 163 prime X 5 and 163 is the prime of the first 6 words from this phrase from scripture which is part of the Ten Commandments of God as follows:

"I am the LORD thy God, which have brought thee out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of bondage: Exodus 20:2"

I (8) Am (14) the (285) Lord (3694) thy (287) God (764) = 5053 = 163 prime X 31

The number 815 is also composed of 8 + 15 which adds up to 23 which corresponds to I (9) Am (14) = 23 prime which is our Lord's original name and title given to Moses from the same verse in scripture - ie. "I Am....the Lord thy God...." Exodus 20:2, etc.

The 23 "I Am" cycle that connects back to the birth of Christ will fall on 8/23 which is EXACTLY 8 days from 8/15. August 15, 2009 was/is also exactly 207 = 23 "I Am" prime X 9 days from January 20th, Inauguration Day 2009.

Note that the word Thy (287) is one of the three roads/highways that come together inside Yellowstone Park - ie. 89 "Prime of Leo (356)", 191 "Prime of God (764)" and Thy (287) as we documented in the beginning of this post entry above. This triune 3-highway model seems to be musically and numerically confirming "Thy God" and "Thy Leo"!

And on a very personal note for me, August 15th, the day Obama and his family visited Yellowstone and saw Old Faithful erupt, is the day we celebrate the Feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary which in non-leap years - such as the year 2009 - is always 191 "Prime of God (764)" days from my birthday, 2/05.

So the bottom line is that Barack Obama's family's visit to Yellowstone Park to see the eruption of Old Faithful at exactly 12:16 pm on August 15, 2009 was/is Divinely and Providentially ordered to reveal a very powerful source of Leonic energy that receives, shares and confirms the Divine Birth of our Lord God Jesus Christ.

PS. You can watch the National Park Service's "Old Faithful Webcam" by visiting this link.

PSS. I just noticed that my first "draft copy" of this post was made at 7:36 pm last evening - which mirrors 736 minutes into the new day which brings us to 12:16 pm which is when Old Faithful erupted on August 15th and 736 days prior to yesterday brings us back to August 11th, the Divine Birthdate - the 223rd prime day in the 223 prime year of 2007 = 223 prime X 9, etc. AMAZINGLY perfect!

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