Monday, January 3, 2011

I first made contact with Dean Fagerstrom and Swedenborg through the Swedenborg Foundation on March 29, 2001 one day after reading Helen Keller's little book, "My Religion" which was like put a BIG spiritual spotlight on the wonderful influence the writings of Swedenborg had on the spiritual illumination of Helen Keller.

Today I received a call from the creator of Corinne Kurtz who is a longtime friend-associated of Dean Fagerstrom.

Today is 3567 days from 20010329 which was also the 229th anniversary of the passing-ascension of Swedenborg in 1772.

3567 = 1189 X 3

Four (4) cycles of 1189 days prior to today brings us to 19971226 which was our oldest son, Fred IV's, 4th birthday.

More will follow....

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