Friday, June 14, 2013

Some Numbers Behind Charlie Chaplin's Song "Smile"

Yesterday read a post on Facebook about a 1957 movie "A King In New York" that starred Charlie Chapin.

I made a comment on Facebook in reply:  "1957 was the year before I was born. 1957 corresponds to SING. I'm sure this boy could really sing, too!"

This morning - the next day - I posted this video and comment to follow-up as follows: 

This was my father's favorite song - he passed in 1996.

Wow another numerical discovery as follows: Michael Jackson's version of "Smile" was release on January 20, 1998. If you go backward Smile (14935) days prior to 19980120 you will arrive at 3/01/57 which was my mother's 29th "Saturn Return Birthday" in the SING (1957) Year!

Here's the Wikipedia link.

That's something to really SMILE about!!

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