Sunday, January 20, 2008

The Sun Of Man Rises At 5:55 am on August 11th

When this video was first uploaded to the net it was getting an incredible amount of attention on YouTube fro all over the world. And, soon thereafter, for totally unexplained reasons YouTube deleted the entire account of the gentleman who created and uploaded this video.

New MLK / Ron Paul Video

At 5:50 min into this video John F. Kennedy said:

"...confident that with your help man will be what he was born to be, free and independent."

The clock turned to 5:56 min as JFK completed this phrase.

The sun rises at 5:56 am - which is the Leo (356th) minute of the new day - on August 11th here in the 41st latitude north (Chicago). Our Lord was born on 8/11 in 6 BC. If you add Leo (356) days to Ron's birthday, 8/20, you will arrive at 8/11 in the following year.

Martin Luther King / Ron Paul[Youtube banned this clip]

Deleting videos and entire accounts seems to be part of a growing trend on YouTube. On the same day as the above video was uploaded to the net another YouTube user by the name of Ralph Buckley created and uploaded this video which strikes to the heart-soul of this problem:

This video is EXACTLY 4:45 min/sec long which corresponds to 445 which is 89 "Prime of Leo (356)" from Leo (356). At EXACTLY the "Leo 3:56 minute/sec" the camera shot shows Ralph's hands on the pearly whites while he finishes with "got the youtube blues....!!"

The (285) You (763) Tube (2325) Blues (23351) = 26,724 = 131 prime X 204

131 is the prime of ONE (655) = 131 prime X 5

The root of blues is very spiritual - filled with a lot of heart and soul. The root of YouTube is YOU (764) which is ONE (1) from God (764).

The reincarnation of the "U2b Blues"

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