Sunday, February 22, 2009

Rick Santelli: "The Lion That Roared" 89 Days Later

CNBC's Chicago-based financial correspondent Rick Santelli roared like a Lion on 2/19/09 exadty 89 "Prime of Leo (356)" days from 20081122 which is when thousands of individuals held rallies in 39 cities to "End The Fed".

"On the night of November 22, 1910, a group of newspaper reporters stood disconsolately in the railway station at Hoboken, New Jersey. They had just watched a delegation of the nation's leading financiers leave the station on a secret mission. It would be years before they discovered what that mission was, and even then they would not understand that the history of the United States underwent a drastic change after that night in Hoboken." From "Secrets of the Federal Reserve", by Eustace Mullins.

The Inquisitor wrote:

In a cross to the trading floor of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, Santelli, backed by a cheersquad of traders rallied against President Obama’s plan to not immediately foreclose on homeowners behind on their mortgages because it rewards bad behavior.

“You know,” Santelli said “Cuba used to have mansions and a relatively decent economy. They moved from the individual to the collective. Now they’re driving ‘54 Chevys.”

Strangely I don’t disagree with a thing he said, but only on the grounds that the banks shouldn’t have been rewarded for behavior far worse than any average homeowner to begin with. If the money is going to be spent, it’s only fair that it gets shared around.

Here’s Rick Santelli flipping out on CNBC:

A lot of new energy seemed to be opening up and breaking loose on 2/19-2/20 - the 50th and 51st day of the New Year.

First, 50 + 51 = 101 which is corresponds to "perfect unity". Remember, Blagojevich was arrested on eve of his 52st birthday (when he was still 51 years old) and 51 days later he was impeached and removed from office on January 29, 2009 - read the timeline here.

And as we have seen before - see below - Route/Hwy 51 mirrors/shadows the 89th Longitude West here through the Lind of Lincoln (Illinois).

Rick Santelli's rant on 2/19/09 launched "The Chicago Tea Party" which has now quickly spread into a nationwide movement with activities scheduled in several cities.

FOX Business Network has won a victory against the Treasury Department in its Freedom of Information Act request for details about the government’s bailout plan. Read more.

Alan Keyes: Stop Obama or U.S. will cease to exist!!!!

(2/19/2009) By Curt Casper - He is a Republican who has ran for President 3 times - the latest just this past year. Thursday night Alan Keyes was a featured speaker at a fundraiser for the Triple A Crisis Pregnancy Center.

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