Saturday, February 6, 2010

It's going to be Saints hands down! GO WHO DAT!
I don't think Vegas has factored this information into the odds, yet. According to Wikipedia:

Who dat? is a chant of team support by sports fans, used especially by fans of the New Orleans Saints, an American football team. The entire chant is: "Who dat? Who dat? Who dat say dey gonna beat dem Saints? Who dat? Who dat?"

The numbers confirm tomorrow will be "All Saints Day":

1) Who (586) Dat (412) = 998

2) 20100207 + 998 "Who Dat" days = 20121101, All Saints Day.

3) The end of the 737th cycle of 998 "Who Dat" days since the birth of our Lord God Jesus Christ fell on 20080529 which was JFK's 91st birthday and Super Bowl 44 is EXACTLY 619 prime days from that date. What's so special about 619?

619 is the prime of this phrase: "The Word of God" as follows:

The (285) Word (5694) of (66) God (764) = 6809 = 619 prime X 11

And 619 days from 20100207 brings us to 10/19 (1019) in the year 2011. 1019 mirrors 10:19 am which is the 619th "The Word of God" minute of the day.

It's going to be Saints hands down! GO WHO DAT! And just as in New Orleans in 1986 at Super Bowl XX, #34's "Sweetness" will be smiling!

PS. Remember the Bears won the Super Bowl XX in New Orleans against the New England Patriots. Walter Payton never made it into the endzone, but he picked "All Saints Day" - 11/01/99 - to cross over into the Heavenly endzone. When Walter passed/ascended on 19991101 it was 3751 days prior to tomorrow. If we go back 3751 days prior to his passing/ascension we will arrive at 19890725 his 35th birthday which was ONE (1) year from his #34.

PSS. Remember also that Walter's numerical age on 19991101 was 16535 which was 191 "Prime of God (764)" from 16726 which was his All-Time NFL rushing record at the time of his retirement.

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