Tuesday, October 25, 2016

The Numbers Behind "GO CUBS GO!"

This was posted to my Facebook Page on 10/20/16 @ 8:28 am: 

My two previous FB posts examined some of the numbers behind the Cubs. The Cubs bats came alive last night in an incredibly exciting 10-2 victory which tied up the NLCS series with the Dodgers 2-2. The power, scope and contrast of that victory caused me to dig a bit deeper into the numbers as follows....

There's more to "Go Cubs Go!" this than the song itself.

Go (76) Cubs (3321) Go (76) = 3473

3473 factors into 23 prime X 151 prime

23 corresponds to I (9) Am (14) = 23 prime which corresponds to our Lord's original name and title given to Moses on Mt. Sinai - ie. "I AM...the Lord thy God...." Exodus 20:2

151 corresponds to God (764) Is (91) One = 1510 = 151 prime X 10

Yesterday - when the Cubs offensive bats finally came alive - was Day ONE (1) of the 23rd cycle of 3473 "Go Cubs Go" days since August 11th in the year 1807.

Note: I won't go into the details here, but according to the late Dean Fagerstrom's 1400+ page "The Book of Anglion" August 11th was the Divine Birth of our Lord God Jesus Christ (6 BC). There's a numerical proof of this date that's embedded in the prime number system and which connects with the movement of the Sun and the Moon as well as the planet and stars.

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