Thursday, November 3, 2016

Harry Caray Celebrates the Cubs Win!

Harry Caray's numerical age (NA) on 11/02/16 was 37502 days.

37502 = 1103 prime X 34

1103 prime is ONE (1) from 11/02 (1102) the day the Cubs won the 2016 World Series.

Perhaps Harry is proclaiming "It's A New Day!"

Closer to home, Harry was born on 3/1/14 - 14 years prior to the day my mother was born in 1928.

Back to 1103 prime....

1103 days prior to 11/02/16 brings us back to 10/26/13 which was the 8th anniversary of the Chicago White Sox's 2005 World Series win. Harry used to be the play by play radio announcer for the White Sox before he jumped to the north side with the Cubs. 

Note: The Cubs technically won the World Series at 12:47 pm on 11/03/16.  I have used 11/02/16 since it's based on Chicago's Central Time Zone time. 

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