Thursday, November 3, 2016

The Final Score 8-7

The final score was 8-7 (87)

87 days prior to 11/02/16 brings us to the 8/7 (87) mo/day.

87 = 29 prime X 3.

Just a bit more....

87 days from 11/02/16 brings us to 12/01/16 which was Javier Baez's 24th birthday. These next 87 days will be the final days of his 24th year - when we can call him to be 23 years old.

How does this fit?

Well this was the 112th World Series.

Javier's birthday is always 112 days away from 8/11. 8/11 is the mo/day when the sun rises over Lake Michigan was EXACTLY 5:55 am which is the beginning of the Leo (356th) minute of the day.

112 is the sum of 23 I (9) Am (14) plus 89 which is the highest prime factor of the word Leo (356) = 89 prime X 4.

When you combine 23 and 89 it's like proclaiming "I (9) Am (14) Leo (356)".

2389 is the Leo (356th) prime number.

89 also corresponds to HR (89) = "Home Run."

Javy made 2 out of the 3 Cubs' errors last night. He also missed the ball on a bunt attempt which ended in a strike out. But he made up for the errors with his HR and some other great plays. Javy's play was essentially a microcosm of how the Cubs played as well as how they were coached last night. The rain started right after he missed that bun attempt, but the delay allowed the Cubs to regroup and go onto win the final Game 7 of what has been an incredibly epic year.

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