Thursday, September 10, 2009

US Route 89 - Road Trip - Gardiner to White Sulphur Springs Montana

Distance: 126 miles • Elevation Change: Gardiner 5225 ft.-White Sulphur Springs 5047 ft.

US Route 89 follows the Yellowstone River north of the national park into the aptly named Paradise Valley between the Absaroka and Gallatin Ranges to the town of Livingston. Follow Park Street through town until it merges onto I-90 then take exit 340 and head north to White Sulphur Springs.

Gardiner to White Sulphur Springs Map
Map by RGB On Demand

Let's calculate the elevation change as follows:

Across a distance of 126 miles the elevation change was: Gardiner 5225 ft. versus White Sulphur Springs 5047 ft. equals 178 which factors into 89 "Prime of Leo (356)" X 2.

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