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"Bob" Heft, Designer of the 50-star United States flag passes 12/12/09

Robert G. Heft, designer of the 50-star US Flag

Wikipedia wrote:

Robert G. "Bob" Heft (1942 - December 12, 2009), born in Saginaw, Michigan, was a designer of the 50-star flag, and one of the proposed designs for a 51-star flag for the United States of America. He spent his childhood in Lancaster, Ohio, where he created the flag as a school project.!50_States_flag.PNG

He designed the current U.S. flag in 1958 while living with his grandparents. He was 17 years old at the time and did the flag design as a class project. He unstitched the blue field from a family 48-star flag, sewed in a new field, and used iron-on white fabric to add 100 hand-cut stars, 50 on each side of the blue canton.[1]

He originally received a B- for the project. After discussing the grade with his high school teacher, Stanley Pratt, it was agreed that if the flag was accepted by Congress, the grade would be reconsidered. Heft's flag design was chosen and adopted by presidential proclamation after Alaska and before Hawaii was admitted into the union in 1959. According to Heft, his teacher did keep to their agreement and changed his grade to an A for the project.


On a separate website I found evidence of the exact date that Bob designed the 50-star flag as follows:

When did you design a flag with 51 stars?

I designed the 50 star flag on April 18, 1958, two years before it became official (July 4th, 1960 at 12:01 p.m. EST). It even preceded the 49 star flag by nearly 1 ½ years. It was out of sequence. Two weeks after making the 50 star flag, I thought that I would go even further and made the 51 star flag....just in case. I'm still waiting for that to happen (Ha-Ha)

Now let's dig into the numbers as follows:

The Universal Numerical Date (UND) for 19580418 was/is 717222 which factors into 10867 prime X 66.

66 is 23 "I (9) Am (14)" from 89 which is the prime of Leo (356) = 89 prime X 4. So let's continue to dig....

1958 was the year I was born. But, more important, 1958 was the advent of the 23rd "I Am" cycle of 89 "Prime of Leo (356)" year cycle that will end in the year 2047 = 23 X 89. Note that 23X89 mirrors 2389 which is the Leo (356th) prime number.

19580418 was the completion of the 73rd day from the day I was born - 73 = 23 "I (9) Am (14)" plus 50 as in "50 stars" on the flag. And if we move backward two (2) X 50 = 100 days prior to 19580418 we will arrive at the 23rd "I Am" birthday of "The King" - Elvis Presley.

19580418 was/is actually the 108th day of the year which corresponds to the 1/08 mo/day which was "The King's" - Elvis Presley's - 23rd "I Am" birthday. And 108 days from 19580418 brings us to 19580804 which was/is two (2) female prime X 89 "Prime of Leo (356)" days from 19580207 which was the 26th birthday of Dean Fagerstrom, author of "The Book of Anglion" from which this Divine Science of Numerical Correspondences comes from.

Let's get back to 10867 which is the prime of 717222 which is the UND for 19580418 and which factors into 10867 prime X 66...

One obvious leading question is: what's the date for the end of the 89th "Prime of Leo (356)" cycle of 10867 prime days?

And here's the answer:

10867 prime X 89 days = 967163 UND which is August 11th, the Divine Birthdate of our Lord God Jesus Christ in the year 2642.

Robert Heft passed/ascended yesterday, 20091212, which was exactly 18866 days from 19580418, the day he was called to design the 50-state flag. 18866 factors into 9433 prime X 2.
9433 prime days from 19580418 brings us to 19840214 which was/is Valentines Day - which in non-leap years is always two (2) X 89 "Prime of Leo (356)" days from August 11th, the Divine Birthdate. 19840214 was Aaron Russo's - a great modern American patriot - 41st birthday.

The 2/14 (214) mo/day adds up to 23 "I (9) Am (14) + 191 which is the prime of God (764) = 191 prime X 4, etc.

26420811 is 250,013 days from the day I was born, 19580205.

33270214, Valentines Day, is 250,013 days from the Divine Birthdate, 26420811

Two (2) cycles of 89 "Prime of Leo (356)" days from 33270214 brings us to August 11th, the Divine Birthdate of our Lord God Jesus Christ.

Our Lord picked a very powerful day for Bob Heft to pass/ascend as the 12/12 mo/day is ALWAYS 89 "Prime of Leo (356)" days from the 9/14 (914) mo/day which factors into 457 X 2 which is the 89th prime number. In addition the UND for 20091212 was/is 736088 which factors into 911 prime X 808 which evokes the massive energies that threatened - and continue to threaten - this great American Constitutional Republic.

Read more here.

PS. Just saw this piece of information shared in today's article from the Columbus Ohio Dispatch as follows:

Robert G. Heft: 1942-2009 - Creator of 50-star flag was teen in Lancaster
Sunday, December 13, 2009 3:33 AM

"Heft, who was 16 at the time, crafted a new flag from an old 48-star flag and $2.87 worth of blue cloth and white iron-on material."

$2.87 (287) + 1 cent = $2.88 (288) and 288 days prior to 19580418, the day Robert Heft designed the 50-state flag, brings us to July 4th, 1957 which was the 181st anniversary of our Declaration of Independence. 181 is a prime number that corresponds to We (55) Are (195) One (655) = 905 = 181 prime X 5 which mirrors perfectly the power of ONE (1) extra cent to get us to $2.88 (288) days, etc.

Note: the time that this article was posted was 3:33 (333) am which is 23 "I (9) Am (14)" from Leo (356).

Finally: OHIO (6896) is composed of 89, the prime of Leo (356), in between two sixes "6__6" - 66 being 23 "I Am" from 89 which is the prime of Leo (356), etc.

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