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August 11th & The Foundation For The Statue of Liberty

The website, "This Day In History", documented the following:

On August 11, 1885 -
$100,000 raised in US for pedestal for Statue of Liberty

Statue Of Liberty National Monument

On another website the details of this story were revealed as follows:

"On August 11, 1885, the front page of the World proclaimed, "ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS!" The goal had been reached, and slightly exceeded, thanks to more than 120,000 contributions."

Statue of Liberty's Pedestal is 89 Feet Tall

The architect for Liberty's pedestal, Richard Morris Hunt, was a highly respected and popular designer of expensive homes. He designed an 89-foot-high pedestal that would sit upon a concrete foundation that would appear to grow up from within the 11-pointed, star-shaped walls of the existing Fort Wood. His fee for the project was $1,000, which he returned to the fund to reassemble the statue.

General Charles P. Stone was the chief engineer in charge of the entire construction project, including the foundation, the pedestal and the reassembly of the statue. Liberty's foundation alone required 24,000 tons of concrete, the largest single mass ever poured at that time. It measures 52 feet, 10 inches in height. At the bottom, it is 91 feet, and at the top, it is 65 feet. The pedestal rises 89 feet above the foundation.


The literal financial foundation for building of the Statue of Liberty was established on the 1891st birthday of our Lord God Jesus Christ. 1891 = 31 prime X 61 prime.

31 is the prime of The (285) Lord (3694) God (764) = 4743 = 31 prime X 153; and 61 is the prime of Christ (389912) = 61 prime X 6392.

So the title "The Lord God Christ" is numerically etched in the year 1885 which was 1891 years from 6 BC, the year our Lord was born. 1891 is 89 - the height of the foundation - bordered by two ones (1__1) which mirror 11 which mirror the 11-pointed, star-shaped walled structure of Fort Hood that the pedestal stands upon - see above.

Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi in 1880
Wikipedia wrote:

Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi
(August 2, 1834, Colmar, Haut-Rhin – October 4, 1904) was a French sculptor who is remembered mainly for designing the Statue of Liberty.

And another website wrote:

"The sculptor who designed the Statue of Liberty, Frédéric-Auguste Bartholdi, was born into a well-to-do family in Colmar, France on August 2, 1834."

18340802 is Leo (356) days from August 11, 1834, the Divine Birth of our Lord God Jesus Christ. In perfect correspondence with this "Leonic" energy, prior to designing the Statue of Liberty, one of Frederic-Auguste Bartholdi's famous works was the Lion of Belfort:

The Lion of Belfort

"[The Lion of Belfort] was finished in 1880 and is entirely made of red sandstone. The blocks it is made from were individually sculpted then moved under Belfort castle to be assembled. The colossal work is 22 meters long and 11 meters high and dominates the local landscape.

The lion symbolizes the heroic French resistance during the Siege of Belfort, a 103 days long Prussian assault (from December 1870 to February 1871). The city was protected from 40,000 Prussians by merely 17,000 men (only 3,500 were from the military) led by Colonel Denfert-Rochereau.

Instead of facing Prussia to the east as was intended, it was turned the other way because of German protests."

Click here for more details on this work.

click here to enlarge image

Click here to read view the PDF file of this article which was published on 12/12/1894 - 89 "Prime of Leo (356)" days from 9/14 (914) mo/day which factors into 457 prime X 2 which is the 89th prime number.

Let's get back to nuts and bolts of the Statue of Liberty:

click image to enlarge

There are 354 steps inside the statue and its pedestal, with 25 windows in the crown which comprise the jewels beneath the seven rays of the diadem. The keystone which the statue holds in her left hand reads, in Roman numerals, "July 4, 1776" the day of the adoption of the Declaration of Independence.

Note: 354 is two (2) - the ONLY female prime number - from Leo (356).

The Statue of Liberty was engineered to withstand heavy winds. Winds of 50 miles per hour (80 km/h) cause the Statue to sway 3 inches (76 mm) and the torch to sway 5 inches (130 mm). This allows the Statue to move rather than break in high wind load conditions.

Feature[49] Customary Metric
Height from base to torch 151 ft 1 in 46 m
Foundation of pedestal (ground) to tip of torch 305 ft 1 in 93 m
Heel to top of head 111 ft 1 in 34 m
Length of hand 16 ft 5 in 5 m
Index finger 8 ft 1 in 2.44 m
Circumference at second joint 3 ft 6 in 1.07 m
Head from chin to cranium 17 ft 3 in 5.26 m
Head thickness from ear to ear 10 ft 0 in 3.05 m
Distance across the eye 2 ft 6 in 0.76 m
Length of nose 4 ft 6 in 1.48 m
Right arm length 42 ft 0 in 12.8 m
Right arm greatest thickness 12 ft 0 in 3.66 m
Thickness of waist 35 ft 0 in 10.67 m
Width of mouth 3 ft 0 in 0.91 m
Tablet, length 23 ft 7 in 7.19 m
Tablet, width 13 ft 7 in 4.14 m
Tablet, thickness 2 ft 0 in 0.61 m
Height of granite pedestal 89 ft 0 in 27.13 m
Height of foundation 65 ft 0 in 19.81 m
Weight of copper used in Statue[50] 60,000 pounds 27.22 metric tonnes
Weight of steel used in Statue 250,000 pounds 113.4 metric tonnes
Total weight used in Statue 450,000 pounds 204.1 metric tonnes
Thickness of copper sheeting 3/32 of an inch 2.4 mm

The following information provided by the US Park Service
at their excellent site:
IDLCS: 40500
Name: Fort Wood Walls
Also Known as: Star Fort
Built: 1808 - 1811
Altered: 1844
Altered: 1886
Altered: 1930 - 1965

The Statue of Liberty was built within the walls of Fort Hood which was completed in 1811 - see above from this link.

1811 is the 281st prime number.

281 is the numerical designator for our Lord's spiritual - ie. "corrected" - date of birth: 010811. Day 11 = 1+1 = 2, Month 8 and Year 1 combine to form 281 prime. 1811 prime mirrors 010811.

The year 1811 not only factors into the completion of Fort Hood, but it was the year that the intellectual creator of the Statue of Liberty, Édouard René Lefèbvre de Laboulaye, was born. 1811 is also 23 "I (9) Am (14)" years from 1834 the year that Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi, the designer of the Statue of Liberty, was born.

Édouard Laboulaye (photo).jpg

According to Wikipedia:

Édouard René Lefèbvre de Laboulaye (January 18, 1811 in Paris - May 25, 1883[1] in Paris) was a French jurist, poet, and author.

Nevertheless, he is most remembered as the intellectual creator of the Statue of Liberty in New York Harbor, and the lesser known twins in Paris, France and the Luxembourg Garden.

Always a careful observer of the politics of the United States, and an admirer of its constitution, he wrote a three-volume work on the political history of the United States, and published it in Paris during the height of the politically repressed Second Empire. During the Civil War, he was a zealous advocate of the Union cause, publishing histories of the cultural connections of the two nations, while the United States was in the throes of its Civil War (1862 and 1863). At the war's conclusion, in 1865 he had the idea of presenting a statue representing liberty as a gift to the United States, a symbol for ideas suppressed by Napoleon III. The sculptor Frederic-Auguste Bartholdi, one of Laboulaye's friends, turned the idea into reality.


Édouard René Lefèbvre de Laboulaye's numerical age (NA) at the time of his passing/ascension was 26425 days as follows:

18830525 b. - 18110118 d. = 26425 = 151 prime X 175

151 is the prime of "God (764) Is (91) One (655)" = 1510 = 151 prime X 10

And 151 is the height from base to torch (Bartholdi's design): 151' 1" (46.50m).

Finally, let's examine the date the cornerstone was set into place as follows:

Date the cornerstone was laid on Bedloe's Island:
5 August 1884
Source of Granite for the Pedestal: Leete's Island, Connecticut

Official accepting Statue on behalf of US:
President Grover Cleveland
Date of Acceptance by President: October 28, 1886

Part of Acceptance Statement by President Cleveland:

"We will not forget that liberty here made her home;
nor shall her chosen altar be neglected".

18861028 was the 815th day from/including the laying of the cornerstone on 18840805. The end of the 23rd "I (9) Am (14)" cycles of 815 days from/including 18840805 brings us to 19351201 which was/is EXACTLY "23 (9) Am (14)" + 89 "Prime of Leo (356)" days from August 11th in the year 1935 which was/is 23 "I Am" years from 1958 which was the advent year for the 23rd cycle of 89 "Prime of Leo (356)" year cycle that will end in the year 2047.

Note again that the Leo (356th) prime number is 2389 which is composed of 23 "I Am" plus 89 "Prime of Leo".

The Leo (356th) Prime 2389 = "I Am Leo!"

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