Friday, December 11, 2009

Poppa Leo's Pizza

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Contact Poppa Leo's Pizza
Phone:(517) 351-1811
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Poppa Leo's Pizza is closed - as the phone number(s) are not in service. But the energy behind the numbers lives on to glorify the Divine Birth of our Lord God Jesus Christ as follows:

1811, the last four digits, corresponds to Year 1, Month 8, Day 11 which is our Lord's spiritual - ie. corrected - birthyear. The correct way of displaying this date is 010811. This date converts into the numerical designator of 281 prime as Day 11 = 1+1 = 2, Month 8 and Year 1 when combined for 281 prime. And the 281st prime number happens to be 1811, etc.

Now let's add up the number 517 + 351 + 1811 = 2679

If we move back 2679 days prior to today, 20091211, we will arrive at 20020811, the Divine Birthdate of our Lord God Jesus Christ.

Now let's move onto the address as follows:

Poppa Leo's Pizza
5214 S Martin Luther King J
Lansing, MI 48911

23 "I (9) Am (14)" cycles of 5214 days prior to today, 20091211, brings us to 16810810 which means that Day ONE (1) of this period is August 11th, the Divine Birthdate of our Lord.

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