Monday, December 17, 2007

The Boston Tea (251) Party

The word "Tea" corresponds to a very powerful prime number - ie. Tea (251). As we noted below, Emanuel Swedenborg (1688-1772) witnessed the Last Judgment in the spirtual heavens and hells in the year 1757 which factors into 251 prime X 7. 251 (Tea) years from 1757 brings us to the year 2008 which is the year when a lot of these spiritual forces of energy all come together to resolve and move higher as mankind receives, shares and celebrates more of that which is good, true and just in our world.

The other key aspect to note is that in non-leap years such as 2007 the 251st "Tea Day" of the year is always 9/08 (908) which factors into 227 prime X 4. The last year of the 227 prime was 1816 which is 191 "Prime of God (764)" years from the current year, 2007.

The 234th anniversary of the Boston Tea Party (1773) was celebrated on Sunday December 16, 2007 by supporters of Ron Paul throughout the entire world. Over $6 million was raised from 50,000+ donors - 26,000+ of which were first time donors to the campaign. The year 227 AD was 234 years from the Divine Conception of our Lord in 7 BC - hence the correspondence with the "Tea (251st) Day" 9/08 (908) - in non-leap years such as 2007 - which factors into 227 prime, etc.

Tea (251) prime days prior to 20071216 brings us to 20070409 which was the 1977th anniversary of the Divine Glorification and Resurrection of our Lord God Jesus Christ in 30 AD. And "Tea (251) prime Days" from 20071216 will bring us to 20080823 which is known on the calendar of the Catholic Church as "The Light Of The Risen Christ Day".

The end of the 2930th cycle of the Tea (251) prime cycle will bring us to 20080223 which is the 2/23 (223) mo/day which is not only the prime of 2007 - ie. 2007 = 223 prime X 9 - but it corresponds, in non-leap years, to August 11th which is always the 223rd day of the year.

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