Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Ron Paul Crossover: 1:12 min = "I Am Leo"

This video - see above/below - is 1:12 min/sec long

Check for yourself. I counted from 23-25 hands raised - individuals who raised their hands after one individual in attendance posed the question, "Could we get a tally of the number of people who crossed over to the Republican Party?". That's a "crossover" rate of from 29-32% which is significant even for this very small sample.

Ron Paul Crossover

This video is exactly 1:12 min/sec long which corresponds to the raw number 112 which adds up to I (9) Am (14) = 23 prime + 89 "Prime of Leo (356)" = 112. This video was "added" - ie. uploaded to Youtube - on 12/10, yesterday. 112 "I Am Leo" days prior to 12/10 was August 20, 2007, Ron Paul's 72nd birthday!!

112 days prior today - the day this video was noted/added to this blog - was 8/21/07 which is Leo (356) days from August 11, 2008 which is our Lord's 2014th birthday since 6 BC - remove the zero (0) in 2014 and you have 214 which adds up to 23 "I AM" + 191 which is the prime of God (764) = 191 prime X 4.

We The People of America and the world are "crossing over" the line to declare and defend what is means to be an American: standing up for freedom, liberty, justice and a return to the rule of law embodied in our written Constitutions!

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