Saturday, December 29, 2007

"Ron Paul Day" Will Raise Us Up!!

Idea over at came up with "Ron Paul Day" and I must admit that there's a certain powerful "ring" about it!

Also, the numbers behind it are pretty amazing:

Ron (965) Paul (7133) Day (417) = 8515 = 131 prime X 65

131 is the prime of ONE (655) = 131 prime X 5 and 65 corresponds to the english word "ON".

The end of the last cycle - the 86th cycle from/including August 11th, 6 BC - of 8515 "Ron Paul Day" days corresponded with 19990720 which is the day that the The Gross Point Lighthouse here in Evanston, Illinois became a National Landmark.

>>In 1999, Grosse Point Lighthouse was designated a National Historic Landmark by the National Park Service the first lighthouse on the Great Lakes to carry that status.>>

7/20/99 was Day One (1) of the 23 day cycle that concluded on August 11th when there was a total solar eclipse that passed through Europe and to the north of Israel. 23 corresponds to I (9) Am (14) = 23 prime which is the Lord's original name and title given to Moses on Mt. Sinai - ie. "I Am...the Lord thy God..." Exodus 20:2.

The really cool aspect of Ron Paul is that he was born EXACTLY One (1) + Leo (356) days from August 11th, the Divine Birthdate in the following year. Everything about Ron Paul resonates with the unity and connectedness of all people throughout the world along the pathway-channels-energies of freedom and liberty. I was on the ground in Ames Iowa on August 11th, 2007 in the blazing hot sunshine bearing witness to this amazing energy.

Back to Evanston's Gross Point Lighthouse:

>>As constructed the light station was comprised of a keepers’ quarter’s duplex building with an above ground passageway leading to a fuel supply facility and the light tower. The tower stands 113-feet tall and was originally constructed of brick, metal, and glass.>>

113 is the prime of "I Am One" as follows:

I (9) Am (14) One = 678 = 113 prime X 6

19990720 is 3092 days from 20080106, the proposed date for "Ron Paul Day". 3092 factors into 773 prime as follows:

3092 = 773 prime X 4

And 773 is the prime of "You Raised Me Up" as follows:

You (763) Raise (91915) Me (45) Up (37) = 92760 = 773 prime X 120

Josh Groban - You Raise Me Up

Ron Paul is manifesting a vision I received many years ago along the shore of Lake Michigan - on the campus of Northwestern University - just south of the Gross Point Lightouse. The phrase I received literally "raised me up" is being played out today as more and more of We The People receive, share and celebrate it as follows:

"You are a beacon of hope and faith for mankind!"

This "You" corresponds to Jesus Christ, Ron Paul and every single ONE (1) of us for You (763) is ONE (1) from God (764).

And when we connect with each other along these energies and pathways of freedom and liberty and justice each one of use becomes, literally, a LightHouse! that shines rays of light/truth to all points along the horizon for others to receive, share and celebrate, etc.

Here's the rest of the phrase/words I received:

1) "You are a beacon of hope and faith for mankind!"

and...which corresponds to saying this:

2) "I am great because I am me and my belief in myself will set me free to soar higher and higher with the angels in heaven!"

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